I Had my Smartlipo Mpx Yesterday and Feel Pretty Good Right Now.

I had smartlipo done with the new mpx machine and...

I had smartlipo done with the new mpx machine and am feeling ok right now. I'm taking percocet for pain but am able to alternate with tylenol. I did my upper/lower abs, flanks, chin and neck.

I have to say that there were a few times during the procedure that were uncomfortable. I had felt a burning feeling in areas that probably weren't numb enough and it hurt like hell! During the suction also, there were some uncomfortable moments.

I was on the table from 10:45 until 5:30. My surgeon and his assistant were very very thorough and took their time. What was cool is that his assistant had her chin done the night before because she had her original procedure done with the 10 watt machine and was really excited about the 20 watt mpx. I figured if she was having it done, it was a good thing for me!

They had heating pads on me, big fuzzy blankets and pillows. They really did do everything possible to keep me comfortable. They had given me a valium when I got there to relax me and then I received a cocktail of demerol, phenegran, and bersed (not sure if the spelling of these is correct). This helped and there were actually times that I nodded off during all of this melting and suctioning. They gave me a second dose after they finished the ab areas because it took so long.

I'm not sure how much they suctioned, but it was a lot. I watched and it was pretty cool. The love handles were also uncomfortable. He said the areas are fibrous so are a bit tender. As with the abs, some areas were painful but most of it was tolerable.

I also know that people tell horror stories about the tumescent fluid. It is not horrible but it definitely pinches and feels a bit wierd. The good thing is that it numbs instantly so the discomfort is short-lived. After 6+ hours, I just wanted to go home.

I absolutely hate the garments but understand the importance of them. The body garment is not half as bad as the chin/neck garment. The chin/neck garment is extremely uncomfortable and I just want to rip it off my head. The good news is that I only have to deal with it for 5 days.

Anyway, the drainage was heavy and I kept bleeding through the pads and onto the garment ($85 so I was not buying two). Peroxide and warm water removed the blood-tinged stains but I just kept soaking through.

Today is much much much better. There is only one area that is still draining. I slept on garbage bags with and old blanket last night and soaked through that. Based on what I changed at 9:00 tonight, I should only have one pad on tomorrow and the rest will be bandaids.

I am swollen but can already see the outline of how this is going to work. I have a great feeling about the way he was contouring yesterday and will post updates as I receive them. I am having my inner thighs, banana rolls and upper arms done in February. I think this is truly the way to go. I hope I am right and, as I said, will provide updates....


No, I was not alone. My friend, Stacey, drove me, picked me up and stayed with me for 2 days and nights. Honestly, I don't know how I would of changed the pads or put on the garment/pads without her helping. I did not lose much blood at all so I don't think that is the issue. I honestly believe it was more for the garment adjustments and pad changes especially after bathroom or shower. I did have quite a bit of leakage of tumescent fluid and blood (mostly fluid) over the first 30 hours and needed her help.
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were you alone for recovery, I ask because I may do this procedure and dont have anyone to watch over me. I only want my sides stomach done and only about an inch of my stomach. Ive done breasts and was alone no problem. and other surgeries, always recovered on my own, but read some stories on here about danger of that for liposuction, maybe because so much blood loss, that people get faint. wondering.
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So I am now 10 weeks out from my first smartlipo...

So I am now 10 weeks out from my first smartlipo procedure on my u/l abs, flanks, chin and neck and feel great.  I had some lymphatic drainage massages with a Vodder trained person and have no lumps or roping left.  I'm really starting to see the changes/tightening in my skin.  I am very pleased with the outcome and still have more healing to do.  Yesterday, I had my inner thighs, upper arms and banana rolls done.  I am just about done with the draining and feel really good.  Don't get me wrong...I am taking percocet and have a friend helping me with changing the pads and assisting with the garments but I was out today just like a regular day.  I will post updates in a few weeks as to how I am healing but really feel that having this procedure with the new mpx machine has been an amazing experience.  My self-confidence has jumped ten-fold.  Feel free to ask me any questions.  The total cost for the first 1/2 of procedure was $8,000 and the remainder yesterday was $4,500.  I had this done in East Lyme, CT, and the Dr. and staff were amazing.


Dee- Hoping you can give me some insight.. I'm having the procedure in a few weeks and am nervous as hell! :) Could you please tell me what it feels like? I'm having my upper and lower stomach and inner thighs. I have some loose skin on my stomach area and have been thinking about a tummy tuck for years and didn't like the fact that I've never had a C-section but would now be willing to have a huge scar. My friend turned me onto smart lipo and it sounds like it will help with skin tightening as well. Any insight as to how it feels would be great. I've heard that there is a pinching sensation. Did this happen to you? If so, was it during the entire process or just while they were giving you injections? Thanks in advance.
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Kelly I am having smart lipo done this June 2010. Please let me know how your smart lipo went. I am a little nervous.
Just joining in as I've been thinking about seeing Dr. Lane as well. Any more recent (2010) input from anyone? At my consultation, he certainly seemed experienced, but I saw a plastic surgeon (as so many say you should for SmartLipo), who told me I was not a good candidate for abdomen work; where as Dr. L is ready to go. Keep in mind, I realize they are all in it for the specialty, and the plastic surgeon was trying to sell me on a tummy tuck! I'm really nervous to proceed, and just trying to learn more about Dr. L and his staff. Thanks!
Dr. Jeffrey Lane

Dr. Lane is highly recommended by Cynosure and also trains for them.

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