I Had Good Results with Sculptra

I tried other fillers over the years and while...

I tried other fillers over the years and while several gave me good results initially, eventually I was always disapionted because those did not last very long.

I have done Sculptra several times. Several years ago, I had 5 treatments. Then, recently, three years after those first treatments, I had another two treatments to get back the volume I had lost over the three years. i did not think the initial treatments would last as long as they have.

I have had no problem with lumps or granuals, no problems at all. I am very pleased with the results and with the duration of the treatments. The only thing I can say is that the Doctor who preforms the procedure is crucial to the success of this product


do you have the number for this doctor? I called the number I found but is always busy thanks
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I had the Chief of Plastic surgery for a big Medical Center in NJ, he taught other doctors to do the Sculptra injections and showed me plenty of pictures of others who had it done, I still ended up with 2 lumps and yes I massaged as directed. so sometimes Sculptra does cause lumps whether you go to a board certified doctor who has done this many, many times... I did like the way it filled in my cheeks & naselfolds for the year & a half though*
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Dr. Frechette

Great office staff for one. A Doctor who has done this procedure thousands of times. He has a geat eye for what will look right on your face.

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