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I had Sculptra last year, August 2006 was my 1st...

I had Sculptra last year, August 2006 was my 1st treatment and Dec. 2006 was my 3rd and last. Although I did get a lump by the corner of my mouth and a smaller lump under my right eye I was pleased with the initial results that filled out my cheeks, well, now a year later the filler is pretty mcuh gone so bascially I do not think the $3,300 I spent was worth it, I am left with 2 lumps and look the same as I did before last August, shots were painful too, I would not recommed*

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Still feel the same way about Sculptra...don't...

still feel the same way about Sculptra...don't waste your money, time and you could get lumps so hands down to Sculptra!


BOTOX, not should check my spelling before I post...
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Hi there
Can botox be used after
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Yes, you would not being treating the same area anyhow. Sculptra is used mainly in cheeks and along side of face as a filler, while Botox is primarily injected to eliminate the "elevens" above the eyes and on the sides of the eye area to relax the squinting movement.
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