Bridge and Nostrils Crooked After Rhinoplasty

I had the surgery to repair my breathing. The...

I had the surgery to repair my breathing. The surgery was not painful at all, and I was surprised how quickly I was able to resume my normal activities.

I had a septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and turbinate reduction to repair a deviated septum I since I was was 10. Nine years later when I finally get the surgery, I can finally breathe through both nostrils (though never through both at the same time).

My only concern is that my ENT doctor told me that a septoplasty would only help my breathing but would not change the crooked appearence and that I needed a rhinoplasty to fix that. Well its been nearly 4 months and I notice that my nose still seems crooked and if you look at my nostrils, there is a definite difference in shape.

Should I just wait it out or do you think its something I should talk to my doctor about? Oh, and by the way, everytime my doctor sees me he says it looks perfect.


$3,000 seems crazy low priced!
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Who did your rhino... I'm looking for a doc in NJ and I want to make sure my surgeon is detail oriented enough to notice an asymetry. Thanks.
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yes there is a difference in shape, what does the doctor say? is it possible that the rest of the nose is swollen and the when it gets better the nostrils will follow??
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