Positive Outcome 10 Years Ago.. Wanting to Do It Again! - Hackensack, NJ

I had a BR over 10 yrs ago.. I weighed about 160...

I had a BR over 10 yrs ago.. I weighed about 160 at the time 5'5'
now.. I am about 175 and of course they are back.. I actally never felt like I had enough taken off.. I was a 38 DDD 10 years ago.. Now I am about a 40dd ..So the journey continues.. to lose 15 lbs.. and and try do the process again.. Looking foward to the next 10 yrs with smaller breasts!
I have to say.. I had no pain.. the whole procedure 10 years ago.. was fine.. no issues.. Dr did a good job.. but I dont think he took off enough I want to be a small C ... very small..lol It was a great experience and look forward to having it done again.. I looked great! It was covered by insurance at the time.. Dont know about this time.. One day at a time.. My mamogram is this week.. that is the start..

Hey welcome to the community:)

Thank you for sharing your journey with us for this second round.   I certainly have heard from several people who are doing this process twice.   A small C cup would be nice and comfortable.  

Keep focused and you will drop the 15 pounds in no time at all.  Mine never shrunk with weight loss before my reduction but they sure did after the surgery..LOL

I am fine with that and love my size now.  Keep me up to date on how your mammo and insurance process goes.

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