I Got my Nose Done 4/8/13 and I See No Difference - Mexico, MX

I got my nose done 4/8/13 and i see no difference,...

i got my nose done 4/8/13 and i see no difference, i kind of feel ripped off. i know people say it hasnt healed yet but i see pix of people who get their nose done , and you can see a diffrence right away , even if its small. mine is no different and its been 1 month. what should i do? unless its super swollen that i cant see the difference. im so frustrated. i had them correct the ball at the end the tip it was fat. and now its still fat. only with the micro tape it looks a bit thinner n a bit pointer , when i take it off my nose returns to being into its normal ball form. could it still be swollen? should i see atleast a little bit of change by now?

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. If you could provide photos (even with your eyes blurred out) that would help us be able to give you feedback.

You will be swollen for up to a year or two....especially now since it has only been a few weeks. The tips stays swollen the longest. You must be patient and hope for the best. Good luck,
alicia orozco

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