Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) and Tumescent Liposuction After Weight Loss - Guadalajara, Mexico

I had tumescent liposuction and abdominopasty with...

I had tumescent liposuction and abdominopasty with Dr. Lazaro Cardenas in Guadalajara after losing over 100 pounds. The purpose of this surgery was to deal with sagging skin that was causing recurring skin infections and give my body a better contour. This was my first experience with PS in Mexico. Dr. Cardenas repaired my stomach muscles that had been cut in a uterine reconstruction 22 years ago. The OB-GYN was a self described "master surgeon" and had given me a beautiful bikini scar that was hardly noticable. However, he had also cut vertically inside and destroyed my musculature. So, it was very significant to have this repaired after all those years. I am very happy with the results, but not so happy with the lower abdominal scar. It was not nearly as pretty as my previous bikini scar and has not faded after 4 years. On the upside, Dr. Lazaro Cardenas does a marvelous belly button. I do not care for his private hospital and feel the night nursing staff was not properly trained. Many months later I had surgery with Dr. Jose Guerrerosantos and was in Sanitorium Guadalajara. The nursing staff there was very professional.


This was my first experience with plastic surgery in Mexico. The hospital, which is/was originally a family home was very old and was not up to US standards in cleanliness and nursing skills. I later had surgery with different physicians in Mexico, so I know that this is isolated and not a reflection on all hospitals and clinics in Mexico.

After surgery, you are wheeled back to your room and covered with blankets. There is not a recovery area. The staff speaks Spanish and and my Spanish is passable but not practiced regularly.

The doctor is known for large volume tumescent liposuction. He is also known for his femiinization surgery and does a large business with the transexual population.

Dr. Cardenas trains a lot of physicians who rotate through his clinic. Something akin to a short residency program. His wife, who is an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, assisted with some of the surgeries.

He is an excellent surgeon, but because of a problem I had with the nursing staff's care, I do not advocate being in his clinic.

While I did not have any problems, one of the ladies who was staying at the same B&B - did have some problems and was readmitted to his clinic. She had multiple feminization procedures and stayed only one night in his hospital. The day after she was released she had to be readmitted. I felt like she was pushed out the door much too quickly and was not stable enough to be released. With as many procedures that she had, the doctor should have suggested that she pay for an extra night. She paid over $12,000 for the multiple procedures.
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These are before and after pictures that Dr....

These are before and after pictures that Dr. Cardenas made after the abdominoplasty and thigh work. This work was done in approximately 2008 - 4 years ago.

About a year later, Dr. David Kirsch K did the buttocks area and some additional lipo on the outer thighs.

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I will probably have more liposuction done at a...

I will probably have more liposuction done at a later time.


Answer plz... Who was your doctor?
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i had a wonderful experience in Mexico but in a different city. The Doc was my age and a female, very friendly too. The nurses were great but as far as the patient/ nurse safety I felt like they could use more training. The nurses never wore gloves which made me nervous; however after I pointed this out to them they always wore gloves. I understand they wash their hands constantly. The Dr. even checked up on me on a Sunday-points up in my book. She took it upon herself to remove a bump/mold I had on my water line without charging me for it. I can definetely recommend her services to anyone looking to going into the border of Mexico and USA
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Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

Dr. Cardenas surgical skills are excellent. His wife, who is an ENT physician also assist him in his surgeries. The transexual feminization has become his core business. (see Marion Love, YouTube) He also does many natural females like me. While I was pleased with his surgical work, I was not pleased at all with his private clinic. It was not up to standard with other hospitals in Guadalajara. The night nurse was very poorly trained with IV's and nursing practices safety. There was no excuse for her lack of knowledge in basic nursing care. Perhaps conditions have changed. This surgery was performed in 2008.

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