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I been looking for a good surgeon in Tampa area...

I been looking for a good surgeon in Tampa area but, I couldn't find any who just do faces ( functional and esthetic procedures). So I decide to check out side the country and I found Dr. Enrique Andrade. He looks like the perfect surgeon for my rhinoplasty.. I would like to hear from other people who did the surgery with him..
Dr. Enrique Andrade

I will meet him in 2 weeks!!

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I just had my esthetic and functional today. Have no fear. He is a nice and professional doctor. You won't find many of them here to be specialized in both: ORL and plastic surgery. Now my nose looks like a potato :))) we'll see it in a few days. But, there is no pain at all. You be sleeping during the procedure.
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I did it!!! im so happy whit the result.. Thanks for your comment..
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looking forward to your updates...any reason you didn't consult with Richard Davis? Good luck to you.
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Keep us informed! Thnx and good luck.
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your rhinoplasty journey. Here's a review on Dr. A. for you.

Please let us know how your consultation with him goes!
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