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My sister-in-law did this and swore up and down...

My sister-in-law did this and swore up and down that she loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat, It seemed like a good-plan, time saving and all, so I went to get it done- upper eye-lid only- thinking, "This is great, it will save me time in the mornings etc etc." I had a groupon for 199$

OMFG! First of all, the second I walked in the door, they asked for the "tip" up front- an additional 75$. Then they put the "numbing" topical on me for about 20 minutes while they went on with their day and forgot about me. I was trying to be a good sport, reminding myslef that my SIL loved hers but HOLY CRAP! It hurt like the Devil was laughing at me. I have a mess of tattoos in some very uncomfortable places, I took martial arts for 5 years and regularly got thumped in class. Now I take acrobatics and regularly sustain bruises and friction burns... and this was BY FAR the most painful experience I have EVER had to date. What's more, the basically said that I would have to come back for touch-ups in 4 weeks (at regular price) and then have it re-done evey two years or it would just fade away completely.

I thought, "Screw it, I'll just put on eyeliner." which, incidentally, I have to do pretty much every day anyway... complete waste of money and time.

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What a bummer! I have thought having the upper eyes lined would be a great time saver too, but have always been too afraid to actually go through with it. I'm sorry to hear your experience was so uncomfortable. :( So can you tell that anything was done at all, or is it too faint to even tell?

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I can see it, It's there, and it's subtle- which is what I wanted. I didn't want to look like an over-the-hill showgirl with big black lines on my face... (not to say there's anything wrong with that look if it's what you're going for) My issue was just that it hurt SO badly and for all that money and pain, it isn't really permanent at all. I have NO intention of having it retouched or redone. Seriously... WAY TOO expensive for what you get out of it.
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Ah, well its good to hear your take on it - much appreciated! :)

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