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I was greeted warmly when I first walked in, then...

I was greeted warmly when I first walked in, then treated with wonderful bedside manner. Knowledgeable staff answered all of my questions so clearly and kindly. I was hesitant at first to try the CO2 laser, but the results were amazing. My acne scars have diminished by at least 50%. The aftermath wasn't too long of a recovery. I was a good reason to have a little R and R from work. I will be going back in 3 months for another treatment. Thank you Dr. Buka and staff, you guys are amazing.
Did you get another treatment? Still happy?
Is the price $500 for one time? Which clinic? Can you tell me? Thank you very much.
Can you post the picture to show the result? Thank you very much.
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Dr.Geria, one of Dr.Buka's associates was so wonderful. Knowledgeable , calm and caring.

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