Ultherapy: a Nightmare - Greenwich, CT

I had this procedure 2 weeks ago. My left cheek is...

I had this procedure 2 weeks ago. My left cheek is totally numb and I have blue veins across my cheek and temple. The pain factor was a 10 (worse than passing a gallstone!) and I see no visible result. I would not recommend this as the side effects were greater than expected. The pain was much greater than expected, I am not certain if the veins, numbness and bruising will heal properly, I had another procedure a year earlier called Affirm and it did produce results without as much pain and side effects. I would suggest using Affirm rather than ultherapy. If you do go ahead maje sure to get pain relief before the procedure. I am 56 year old female.

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Haven't been back yet for the two week check . The numbness is beginning to
Disappear but the veins are still very noticable.
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I'm sorry to hear how uncomfortable the procedure was for you. I haven't heard of veins showing up as a side effect before. What did the office who performed the procedure say about this?

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