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Don't Do it! - Greenwich, CT

I have had invisalign three times. i am only 18...

i have had invisalign three times. i am only 18 years old. i began my first trial of invisalign when i was 13 directly after i got my braces off. at first, i thought they were amazing until i saw zero results. i only had to wear the same tray for a year. during that year because of the retainers i developed horrible jaw misalignment, therefore making me give up on invisalign.


(sept 2011) five years later i wanted to fix a gap between my teeth. what was suppose to be a 20 week process has taken a year and a half and i am not yet completed! again! my trays were made incorrectly and by week 13 i had to redo the moldings and wait two months for new trays to be done. i began my new trays august 2012. i am suppose to be completed with my new "20 week trays" on january 12, 2013! but today as i went to put on tray set 9, the retainers do not fit again! they are much smaller than my jaw and fits better around my tounge than jaw! i now have to make an appointment again with my dentist to see if this can be corrected!

to sum it up: no i would not recommend this. in 5 years i have spent over $12,000 in this product. not only have i had permanent jaw problems and severe pain since i began 5 years ago, a 20 week process has taken over a year now. the trays have been made wrong constantly, and the ones that were not made wrong have cut the top of my mouth because it was not filed correctly.

please note: i have friends that have tried this product and it has worked for them but out if 13 people i know that have invisalign, about 8 have complained they have developed jaw issues

Sorry for all the problems you have had. Did you use the same dentist each time? Just my opinion, I trusted only an orthodontist to do this work for me. I hope you get it all straightened out.
Yes i have had major grinding and jaw clenching problems after doing invasalign for little over a year. I stopped wearing the retainers after i was done and now my teeth are moving again. Not sure what to do now to realign them.

I'm so sorry to hear about the trays not fitting well for you. It might be interesting for you to ask to see the models that your trays were made off of. I'm not sure if that would be an option or not, but if it is you could see if the trays fit the models. If they do fit the models then you know the problem was with the impression/way the model was made. If they don't fit the model then you know it was a problem with how the trays were made which would help to figure out if the problem was occurring at your dentist's office or at the Invisalign lab.

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