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Am I Doing the Right Thing and Using the Right Doctor? - Greenville, SC

Went for my consult and told me to loose 10 lbs Im...

Went for my consult and told me to loose 10 lbs Im 5"3 145. Also the cost is 8800 based on the reviews ive read here seems thats a bit high???Really n ervous not sure if I want to spend the $$$ but I do want the flat belly going on some great vacations this summer and i need to be ready! I plan to do this 4/8/13 or 4/22/13I have a 14 year old and an 18 month old..its time.

If you have any questions concerning my experience with this amazing surgeon I'll be glad to answer them for you. He really is the best P/S you will ever find anywhere, bar none!!!
Hi, Did you have a tummy tuck with him? Im hearing really good things about Dr Graham
I had a tummy tuck in Jan 2013 with Dr. Thomas McFadden performing the procedure.You can't begin to understand how much this has changed my life for the better, I'll be forever grateful to Dr. McFadden, this Angel of mercy!!!! He has done several procedures for me. He really is THE BEST in the Greenville, SC area. I had a consult with who you are talking to but felt MUCH BETTER about everything when I spoke to Dr. McFadden. He has also performed lazer facial resurfacing twice and a breast lift as well as removing a cancerous growth from my forehead. Trust me, you won't find a better, kinder, more talented P/S than Dr. McFadden. There is no procedure I wouldn't trust him with. You can't go wrong using him. I think if you tell him that you saw this recommendation from me on Realself you get some kind of discount. Give him a call, it can't hurt to get more than one consult. Good Luck!
dr leterri

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