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I got implants when I was 22 years old. I thought...

I got implants when I was 22 years old. I thought I had a lousy figure but looking back, i was lovely, just very small breasted (AA). Got saline implants, size C cup. Must admit I enjoyed them in Some ways--filling out clothes and bathing suits--but never felt at ease naked. There was some discomfort, they were too firm and I tended to hunch my shoulders forward so they would seem softer, leading to bad posture. 17 years later, after twins and breastfeeding (I did not have enough milk--a common result of implants), I started getting infections in my right breast after exercizing or lifting heavy objects. MRI showed nothing but decided to have them out. Two years now and no infections and I am more comfortable but I have been left basically with empty sacks. There is no bra that fits me and I feel as though I have lost my mojo. Still, I am glad they are out for health reasons but if you were very small before, expect a long period of mourning.

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I understand your regrets but you can not change the past...However, you can effect the future and the futre for others! Keep your head up! Your mojo will return from the inside out! I am praying for peace to overcome you!
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Hi there, you sound disappointed and that's understandable but remember that your health comes first and the fact that the implants were affecting your health meant you had no choice but to. Your family will love you and accept you just the way you are so don't stress too much.
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I'm sorry you're unhappy with your breasts now! They may have looked like empty sacks after pregnancy/nursing, even without the implants. That's a common complaint I hear. I know it won't help with being naked, but here's a forum post about ways to add a little oomph to your chest while dressed. I'm wearing the dolly wedge inserts as I type this. :0)

Thank you so much for sharing here on RealSelf. Would you even consider fat transfer to your breasts?

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