Well I know that I don't even have an appointment...

Well I know that I don't even have an appointment scheduled yet, but I do know that I am definitely getting my tummy tuck done!! I have 2 kids which stretched out my stomach pretty bad.. I don't like to show ANYONE my belly so this is a big step for me haha I can't believe I'm posting pictures of it. My husband is fully on board, I told him I want to lose 10 more pounds before I get the procedure done so to motivate me, he says I am not allowed to call the doctor until I lose the weight! (I am 5'1", weigh 120 now, want to be at 110) So here my journey starts.. this website has been so helpful to me, reading all these stories and seeing everyone else's pictures, so I hope someone can read mine too and get something out of it. I would love to talk to anyone who has any advice for me as I start my adventure! ;)

Weighed in at 118.0 this morning.. so 2 pounds...

Weighed in at 118.0 this morning.. so 2 pounds down, 8 to go (:

I have a question hopefully some people can give me a little insight.. I was wondering how long it took to get your appointment from when you called? Like when you first called and scheduled a meeting with the doc and then how long after that was the surgery scheduled? I'm a bit concerned because I will be moving from NC to CT in July/August. I very much want my TT done here in NC though so I was just wondering, should I be scheduling my appointment ASAP? Thanks ladies (:

Well I talked to the office manager at GPS, she...

Well I talked to the office manager at GPS, she says I can get my consult within 1-2 weeks, and then if I decide to go ahead with it, the surgery 2-4 weeks after that! Seems so quick! Only problem now.. my husband is a Marine, and he's leaving for 6 weeks sometime in March. So it will have to wait until he gets back. But I'm so excited :D For those of you who already had your TT done, was 2 weeks enough time to be up and about again? We have no family anywhere close to where we are stationed, and hubby can only take 2 weeks of leave time from work to help me with the kids after the surgery. I hope that will be enough time!

Well I finally have an appointment scheduled, I...

Well I finally have an appointment scheduled, I will be seeing my PS the morning of February 19th! Yay (:

Went to see Dr. Rizzuti this morning for my...

Went to see Dr. Rizzuti this morning for my consult, and we scheduled my tummy tuck for the morning of May 8th! Would have been sooner except my husband is a Marine and he is going away for March/April. But yay! I am so excited (: pre-op is April 25. He said I am a great candidate but that my belly button sits high, so he will have to sew up the hole he cuts around it and make a new one. So I will have a small scar for that. I never really cared about the scar that much anyway, I probably won't be rocking a bikini with all my stretch marks anyway :P

Good afternoon everybody!! I haven't posted in...

Good afternoon everybody!! I haven't posted in about a month and a half.. I am getting excited though, just 5 weeks to go!! My husband will be home in about 4 weeks, so I am getting soo much done in the house to keep myself busy.. trying to clean out a lot of stuff we don't need, and thinking about what I need to get done before the surgery. Im not nervous at all, just excited to get it done already! Unfortunately, stress got the better of me and I stopped my weight loss, but I'm still only at 119 and back on track to be 110 by may 8 (: good luck to anyone going in this week!

26 days and counting... wow. My husband gets home...

26 days and counting... wow. My husband gets home in a few weeks, which makes me so happy. Up til now I have been super excited, no nervous feelings at all. While I'm still not really nervous about the whole thing, I've started to doubt whether it is still worth it.. I know this is all I have thought about for years, I'm forced to think about it every day living with my insecurity. So why now am I getting cold feet?? I guess I'm just feeling guilty about the cost, and having to be taken care of while my husband does everything. Anyone else get these feelings so close to the surgery? My pre-op appointment is in under 2 weeks, hopefully it will help remind me why I'm doing this for myself (: on the positive side I have lost 4 pounds, woohoo! But anyway, good luck to everyone still waiting, and happy healing to the rest of you beautiful ladies!

Just excited to be at the weight I'm happy with...

Just excited to be at the weight I'm happy with before my surgery! Hubby gets home about May 1, and new tummy is going on May 8.. 20 days to go!! Woohooo added pics of how I look now (: will update after my preop appointment on the 25th. Wish hubby could come, but I'm gonna have to go alone..boo :(

Well, today was my pre-op appointment, they did a...

Well, today was my pre-op appointment, they did a blood test and checked my blood pressure, then gave me some prescriptions and post op instructions. Not much else to report on that, it was super quick. So I drove the hour and a half back home, picked up my little ones and went to go fill my prescriptions when my car breaks down!! I had to have it towed home, because I couldnt pay for repairs today due to the large amount I just paid for my surgery (forgot to mention that, I paid it in full at my appointment) and there's a limit to how much I can spend per day on my card. So at least I wasn't far from home! Wish my huand was home, won't be back until the 1st. So hopefully I can figure out what to do about the car by then.. :(

Husband* lol stupid phone.

Husband* lol stupid phone.

So excited, just about a week left! Hubby gets...

So excited, just about a week left! Hubby gets home in 2 days, so I am soo happy about that. Today my dad called, I havent been able to see him in about a year and a half (due to our military station) and I have been trying to get him to visit me for ages but he couldnt because of his job. He said that he is finally able to come here in mid June. Well by that time I will be about 5 weeks post op. I have not told either of my parents about my procedure, not because I think they will be upset, but because I'm afraid they will be SUPER worried, and maybe not understanding of why I need it.. with clothes in you can't tell. The only ones who know are my friends here, and my sister. So now I don't know whether to tell him, or try and hide it.. I don't know how I will be feeling by then, I know I'll most likely still be wearing my cg still so I guess I'll just have to roll with the punches on this one. Still soo excited though!!

Well yesterday I took my car in to get looked at...

Well yesterday I took my car in to get looked at and everything is okay! For now. At least it is driveable. So I decided to go fill up my prescriptions today, Dr. Rizzuti prescribed Demerol and Percocet for pain, then something else for nausea.. forgot the name. Well it took me going to 3 different pharmacies to find that Demerol and wouldn't you know it, they don't accept Tricare as insurance! WTF. They ended up giving me some kind of discount on all the meds though, in the end it was like $30 for all 3. So that's good. Well I am getting super excited! I have everything I think I need in preparation, time to relax now and wait for my husband to get home tomorrow (: yay! Things are good.

Well my tummy tuck is happening on wednesday.. I...

Well my tummy tuck is happening on wednesday.. I have been taking a multivitamin plus high dose of vitamin c every morning for the past month to stay healthy. This morning I woke up with nausea and a stomach ache, and to spare details lol I've been in and out of the bathroom for the past few hours. I'm really stressing now and hope its just from eating pizza last night (I eat REALLY healthy so I don't eat out often). Praying I feel better later on and this isn't the start of a bug :( I can't postpone my surgery because of my husband being a marine, he can't just take time when he needs it. On the positive side he is home now, I'm so happy about that. But everybody please send good vibes my way that I'm not sick!!

Turns out my husband and his friend who both had...

Turns out my husband and his friend who both had the pizza last night also are sick. So it looks like food poisoning.. I really hope this passes asap! Ugh. I will be so upset if this interferes with my surgery :(

Wow, it is finally here!! We will be leaving the...

Wow, it is finally here!! We will be leaving the house at 5 am tomorrow morning, the ps office is 1 hour and 40 minutes away, surgery set to start at 8 am. Up til now I have been totally calm but wake up this morning and now my stomach is in a KNOT lol. Luckily I have lots to do today to keep busy, I know tomorrow I'll be such a wreck but I'm still super excited :D I'm praying that I can stay calm and relaxed, I just want to get it over with so I can stop thinking about it so much! Haha but anyway, good luck to my ladies who are also going in this week, its finally our time!!

LOL my husband is so ridiculous. We are cleaning...

LOL my husband is so ridiculous. We are cleaning up the house when he comes up to me, hugs me and says, "just think, tomorrow, all these doctors are gonna see you naked, then they're gonna cut pieces of your skin off, and sew you back up, like Frankenstein." Haha wow honey, thanks!! I'm like, who says that!? Haha but he made me laugh.. (: I just finished setting up my little recovery area in our room, I'm all set to go! Time to just relax with my love and my sweet little ones. Might update again tomorrow before my surgery but otherwise I will get on here for an update once I feel okay! Ttyl TT buddies haha see ya on the flat side!!!! :D

On our way to the ps right now, it is 520 am,...

On our way to the ps right now, it is 520 am, surgery is at 8. I feel alright, my nerves are calm but when I kissed my babies goodbye as they slept all I could think about was what if I don't come home again? What if something goes wrong.. my only.fears right now. Praying all goes well and I will update when this is all over and i feel okay. Thank you ladies for your support, could not have done this without this website.. see ya on the flat side xxx

Just gpt home from havimg my tummy tuck done (:...

Just gpt home from havimg my tummy tuck done (: forgive me if I am messing words up lol I'm really tired amd on painkillers. I will get into more detail on everything at a later time, but I just wanted to say I'M ON THE FLAT SIDE BABY!!! Dr Rizzuti even said there was enough skin to not do the "T" incision, so thats awesome! He repaired my muscles, did lipo on my love hamdles, and a tiny bit above my belly button. I am not in too much pain thanks to demerol, I'm expeting tomorrow j will feel it more haha. Also zero nausea for whivh I am so thankful, holy cow I can't imagine the excruciating pain if I were to throw up right now.. well anyway I'm going to sleep now (: happy healing everyone!

It's 5 am, I am having trouble staying asleep for...

It's 5 am, I am having trouble staying asleep for more than an hour at a time.. figured I would do an update since I am awake.
My husband and I left for the ps at 5 am yesterday morning. I felt totally calm, no anxiety or nerves. We got there at 630, checked in, then about 20 minutes latee the nurse called me in. They had a separate waiting area for my husband so we said goodbye there. He gave me a few hugs and kisses then the nurse told us to stop making out LOL. Then she took me into a room to put my hospital gown on, and laid me down on a stretcher. I met the anesthesiologist who put in my IV, I waited about 15 minutes then Dr, Rizzuti came in, took pictures and marked me up. I got back on the stretcher, the anesthesiologist gave me some kind of drug into my IV to keep me relaxed. Which I surprisingly was anyway! They wheeled me to the operating room, and that's the last I remember. I woke up panicking until they got ,my husband. They brought us to a recovery room and sat me in a wheelchair, and I had a little sprite and took demerol. Once we were okay to go they wheeled me to the car and helped me in. OUCH!! I slept for pretty much of the hour and a half drive home. No nausea, just a dry throat. When we got home I went right down to rest, my hubby is an excellent caregiver so far (: my kids did great, they weren't trying to jump on me or anything. Getting up from my chaise I sooo not fun.. when I'm down the pain sucks, but not too bad, like burning. When I get up my muscles at rhe top of my abdomen feel really tight, I can feel the bruising from the lipo on my sides and back. I also have stinging in one specific spot, which I assume is the drain. My wonderful husband is keeping on top of my meds, I take them every 4 hours. I'm gettig sleepy now, its getting hard to type well so I will update later. Happy healing ladies! (:

Today is post op day 2. My ps said that I can take...

Today is post op day 2. My ps said that I can take a shower tomorrow, so I will get to take off my binder.. thank goodness cause its pinching me and it needs to be adjusted, so uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable, this morning I got up, went to the bathroom and peed.. my hubby was about to empty my drains when I got this awful nausea. I wanted to throw up but I couldnt, I could only gag.. made me shake and break a sweat, it was horrible! But anyway, taking demerol every 4 hours is helping the pain, it is getting easier to get up and down too. I feel really swollen and my back is stinging from lipo. My drains haven't been putting much out, so hopefully I can get one taken out on tuesday at my post op appointment. I'm pretty tired so I'm going to rest now. Take care, and happy healing to all (:

Morning of PO day 3. I am feeling so much better...

Morning of PO day 3. I am feeling so much better than I thought I would!! Had my first bm yesterday, I was taking peri colace at night and in the morning since my surgery. I'm able to get up and down by myself pretty well, and my drains are hardly putting out much fluid, so hopefully tuesday I can get at least one out! I've been really tired, but the pain isn't too bad, more uncomfortable than really painful. I'm going to take a shower later today and get my first look without my binder on (: I havent had much of an appetite since the TT, anyone else like that? I'm just not hungry at all. But otherwise things are going well, I'm excited to see how everything is looking so far. Hope everyone is doing well, good luck future TTers and happy healing!!!

Today was pretty good, I'm able to get around with...

Today was pretty good, I'm able to get around with just extra strength tylenol. I tried taking a shower, I'm dying to wash my hair, but my back was aching too much. But I got to take everything off and see my new tummy for the first time! I'm so happy with how everything looks, my scar looks great, I'm really excited. I'm gonna go watch a movie with my hubby now, goodnight everyone!

Oh my.. my little darlings are just too cute.. I...

Oh my.. my little darlings are just too cute.. I was on the couch and they had me laughing so hard I moved to my bedroom and put on a horror movie so I would stop giggling so much!! That is the most painful thing I've felt since this started WOW!!! Taking it easy now.. happy mothers day haha.

Today is PO day 5. I stopped taking tylenol...

Today is PO day 5. I stopped taking tylenol yesterday because I really don't need it anymore (: the only pain I'm having is the entrance where my drains are, it keeps pulling no matter how much gauze I try and put on there. It sucks!! My drains havent been putting out much fluid anyway so I'm going to see if the ps will PLEASE take them out tomorrow at my post op appointment. Also I am really short, so my garment bunches up at my hips and digs in to my sides where I'm all bruised from my lipo and that bothers me too. But theres no real pain from the TT itself. OH I also got to wash my hair yesterday, finally, which is wonderful. I will update again tomorrow after my appointment!! Hope everyone is having a good day, and happy healing (:

PO day 6. Just got back from my first post op...

PO day 6. Just got back from my first post op appointment.. Dr. Rizzuti took out one of my drains, he said that my husband can take the other one out in a few days. They took the tape off my scar, and also the tape and a few sutures from my bb. He is really happy with how everything looks, he said I had a cute little bb haha. They said my bb won't have a scar, and my tt scar will be nice and thin. So it all looks good! I don't have much pain at all, really just if I laugh too hard or something. I will post a new belly pic later on today (:

OH I forgot to say that the drain didn't hurt...

OH I forgot to say that the drain didn't hurt coming out, just felt SUPER WEIRD haha like a little snake or something wriggling around. Ew it was gross lol.

Well today is one week post op already! My drain...

Well today is one week post op already! My drain hasn't put anything out all day, so I will have my hubby pull it out tomorrow (: yay! I feel awesome today, I did the dishes, and I just got done making my family a batch of brownies from scratch. My ps said not to use any scar creams on my incision yet, but he said I could use silicone strips so I put those on today. I wish I could stand up straight because my back hurts from hunching over so much, but I'm like 90% there. I slept in bed with my hubby last night, took a little melatonin and slept like a baby ALL NIGHT for the first time since my surgery!! What a relief. I also ordered some spanx to wear (per my PS suggestion) so I can finally ditch this awful cg, hopefully they fit me better. But anyway thats about it for now, will update again soon (: happy healing ladies!!
You look great! Happy healing
Thanks! I feel great too (:
Yes, I'm with Jocarolina...what Spanx did you get? There are so many and it's a bit confusing to know which one might work. My CG is great but has zippers on the sides of the thighs and is just too bulky under jeans, etc.

8 days post op

Well my drain didn't put anything out yesterday, so this morning my husband pulled it out. Yay no more drains!!! It is so freeing haha. I also switched my cg for spanx, I feel SO WONDERFUL now!! (: added a few new pictures today as well. Hope everyone is doing well today, happy healing!! xxx
Its already been a week! yayyyyy for us! and lucky u, i wish i could wear spanx, after im done with this CG i may burn it! lol, so glad to read you are doing good too :-)
Looking great !! happy you got one drain removed, it is a funny feeling:)
Thanks (: yeah I am soo happy I got the one out, the other drain hasn't gotten any more in it than it had this morning though haha so I will have my husband pull it tomorrow or the day after to be sure. Eek I'm not looking forward to it to be honest haha the feeling freaked me out :P I agree about the itching though ooh boy my incision is super it itchy today and my sides where the Lipo was done. My husband is like DON'T ITCH IT, RUB IT!!! Haha but I'm not gonna scratch at it and mess it all up of course!

end of day 8.

Well today I finally took a "real" shower.. it was wonderful! (: I was feeling so good today my husband and I took the kids to the store for a little grocery shopping. My back didn't bother me at all, and it didn't tire me out so I'm happy about that. Although, there is a McDonalds at our walmart, my hubby decided he wanted to grab some for dinner on the way out. And I love my french fries. SO that was a huge mistake haha my stomach cramped up for like half an hour :p but I'm fine now. But basically a really great day (: I am feeling so much better than I thought I would after this tt, its such a relief. Hubby goes back to work next week, and I feel like I'll be just fine dealing with the kids myself. I'm just so happy (: this was soo worth it to me!!!
You look great our tummys are somewhat similar hope I have great results like yours.
Thanks (: good luck on your surgery!!

Day 9.

Hey y'all. So today I was changing my silicone strips when I saw that there is a stitch poking out from the end of my incision.. is this okay? Should I call my ps or is this normal? Anyway, still doing great, every day gets even better. I can't wait to see how I look and feel in a few more weeks (: my bb looks better all the time to me too. Hope everyone is doing well, happy healing tt ladies ;)
Looking great !! you dont even look that swollen lucky you !!! i am sure it's all good with your stitch but would still check with Dr just incase !! At lease put your mind at rest :)
Thanks!! (: yeah I haven't really had much swelling at all, still waiting for the "swell hell" to kick in, I'm sure its gonna bite me in the butt soon haha. I emailed the ps about the stitch, haven't gotten a response back but it isn't bothering me so I'm just gonna ask when I go for my next appointment.
Hi. Isn't it great not having anything hanging out??? Don't worry about the ends of the stitches poking out. They will fall off eventually. I didn't use the scar strips. I am using Mederma scar therapy. When I was rubbing it in those stitches just fell off! Now the scar is flat and smooth.

10 days post op.

Hello! I said I would update when I got my new spanx in, and they got here today. I'm wearing them now :p first of all, let me say they were NOT EASY to get into haha but now that they are on, very comfortable. I think just being new and all they are super tight. As they should be, I mean thats their job haha. They have adjustable straps, a nice padding on the tummy, the shorts are really soft and not cutting into my skin tne way my cg did. They also have an open crotch so there is no need to take it off 5 times a day. I like them! Hopefully they get a BIT easier to get on and off as I wear them more, but overall, so much better than that awful cg. Yay for spanx (: for anyone who wants to check them out, here is where I ordered from, I got a size small (I am 5'1" and 113 pounds)

12 days po.

Today I am 12 days post op. Everything is healing really well, my incision and bb look great. Last night after I ate dinner my upper abdomen was really swollen, it was almost hard to breathe in deep. It has also been a little more tender up there, though I have been laughing more since it doesn't hurt so much, and I also sneezed a few times yesterday from my allergies. So maybe the strain is just causing the tenderness and extra swelling. But last night when I was getting ready to shower, I noticed there is a small hard almost lump in my upper abs, kinda feels like it has gotten bigger but I can't say for sure. It doesn't really hurt, it's just there. I think I will wait until my next appointment to ask my ps about it, unless it changes. I'm figuring it is just my muscles getting too strained from me doing too much or something. But otherwise things are great, I'm working on straightening up more, which is nice on my back.. I drove the other day, only thing about that was it was hard to twist around to see to back the car up haha. So I think I should wait until I can do that better before driving again. I really wish I could go swimming with my kids, I hate having to sit on the side while my family has fun in the pool :( gonna ask Dr. Rizzuti about when I can do that when I go on the 30th. My husband is having minor surgery today, right now actually.. having a cyst removed from under his eyebrow. So it is my first day being with the kids on my own since the tt. And of course, they are being extra difficult just for mommy haha. I slept all night last night, only the second or third time I have done so since surgery so that was nice. I'm not sure what that's about seeing as how I am EXHAUSTED

12 dpo continuted..

got cut off there for some reason. I was going to say I don't know why I can't sleep all night seeing as how I am soo exhausted during the day. Also adding a few pictures. Nothing much different, my bb is drying up though and looking good. My skin is also smoothing out more, not so "gathered" at my incision. That's it for now. I will update after my appointment on the 30th. Good luck future TTers and happy healing ladies (:

One more thing.

Haha I just wanted to say that I just received an email back from the nurse about my stitch that was poking out, she said the stitches dissolve so it is nothing to worry about. She said if it becomes bothersome to just snip the end off. So that's good! One less thing to think about.
Hi, looking good. Just wanted to say I also had a hard lump, bit like an egg shape (if you look at my pics you can kinda see it in one) my PS said it was nothing to worry about and it went away a few weeks later. Hopefully yours will too. X
Thanks! Yeah I'm not really worried because there's no pain, or bruising there, or anything odd. So hopefully mine will just go away too! (:
I just checked your pics out, mine is almost in the same place, just closer to my bb. I can see mine poking out just a very tiny bit, I don't think a picture would capture it haha. Seems to maybe be about the same thing though (:

2 weeks post op.

Wow, time flies!! Already been 2 weeks. Today was really fun, I went fishing with my husband and his shop.. caught some fish for dinner (: I did get seasick though, threw up a little.. which hurt my muscles haha but overall it was really fun. My upper abdomen muscles have still been extra tender, and also my sides where the lipo was done has been burning a little, I think I am just getting the feeling back there. Everything looks good, I just posted pictures the other day but I figured I would put some more up since I'm at my 2 week mark. I will probably start updating weekly now. But over all I have been feeling pretty good, just get tired easily, standing up straight, and my incision/bb are healing really well. Will update next week, happy healing to all (:
Looking great! you don't even your scar seems further along with the healing! I still have my strips on mine! Dr says I have to leave them on until they come off!!
Thanks (: everything is healing really well, my ps took the tape off at my first po appt, I was 6 days po. I'm so happy he did that, I can't imagine having to wait weeks before being able to see it all!
Fishing, how fun :-) I can't believe you were up for that so soon...good for you! You look great by the way.

3 weeks po tomorrow. Feeling awesome.

Well hello realself friends (: tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. I am feeling wonderful. Everything is still healing well, I don't really have much pain anymore. My sides where the lipo was done still have numb spots, but they don't really burn anymore. I love love love my new tummy, and I know it's just going to keep getting better! I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I just wanted to share that I had sex with my husband for the first time since surgery. I find it's not something that most people talk about on here, but I think it's kinda important to know! I had NO IDEA what to expect on that. But it was great, my husband is very careful about where he puts his hands haha to make sure he doesn't hurt me, and made sure that it was a good experience for us both. ANYWAY I also am totally back to feeling like myself, aside from the fact I need to limit myself on my activities I normally would not have to think about. But I do feel really really good (: I go see my PS on Thursday the 30th, I hope he takes these stitches out of my belly button, they are starting to look a tad pink around them which makes me nervous.. I am SO cautious to avoid infection, I put neosporin and a bandage on it last night, which is why there's a square around my bb in my pictures. Well that's about it, I will update again after my appointment I guess! Hope everyone is doing well, good luck to anyone who hasn't had their surgery yet, and happy healing to everyone else!! xx

I also wanted to add..

for those of you who haven't had your tummy tuck done yet, it is REALLY not as scary as it seems. Before my surgery I was seriously freaking out about everything.. the unknown, getting put under for the first time, having such a major surgery, not waking up, how much pain there would be especially... and once it was done I realized all that stressing out was for nothing. I mean yeah, there is pain, but it's nothing like I imagined it would be. I was preparing myself for horrible, awful pain, I was expecting to be completely debilitated, stuck to my chaise for weeks, not able to move by myself or get up to go to the bathroom.. but I was so thrown when I realized it was not like that at all! The pain is totally manageable with medication, and I only needed the strong stuff for 2 days; day 3 and 4 I took Tylenol, and after that I was fine. I had no issue using the bathroom, even the day of surgery. Getting up from laying down.. I did need help for the first few days but then I was good. It's really those first few days that are the hardest. But if anyone reading this is putting off this surgery because of the fear of pain, or fear of needing 24/7 assistance for weeks or months, don't!! If a tummy tuck is something you really want to do, don't let fear change your mind. I am so happy I did this, I have no regrets (:
Happy 3 weeks girl! looking great! and i totally agree with you, the surgery is NOT as scary as it seems, so happy i did this too, no regrets either :-)
Thank you for the pep talk! I am getting close to my date and am trying not to freak out. It's only the going under part- I am confident in the power of painkillers.
Yay you must be excited! Don't freak out, try and relax this week. Be sure to do the little things you might take for granted... like me, I'm a stomach sleeper. So its been awful not being able to do that yet. Also playing with my 2 year old son, he loves to play rough and tackle and I can't now. Watch all the comedies you love too because you're not gonna want to laugh for about 2 weeks hahaha. Just stay calm, over prepare like im sure most of us do/did, and think about how awesome you're gonna look after! Going under wasn't scary for me at all, because frankly I have no memory of it haha. The anesthesiologist gave me a sedative in my IV before wheeling me to the OR, I have no idea what happened after that, haha must have been some powerful stuff. But yeah you will be just fine!! (:

3 weeks, 1 day update.

Well today I am 3 weeks and one day post op. Went to see Dr. Rizzuti earlier, he took out the last 4 stitches from my bb finallyyy. I will post pics next week probably. My incision had a spot that was redder than the rest, he thought it was a spitting stitch but it wasn't.. he just popped it and put a bandaid on it. He also said that I can go swimming in pools or the ocean (YES!!) and he also said I can start ab workouts in 3 weeks. Awesome!! Another update... if you read my earlier posts you know my hubby is a Marine. Well, he is getting out end of July, he is finishing up his 5 year active service! Which means getting to move home (: I've decided to move early to find a job and a place to live, so I'll be moving in just 2 weeks with the kids. Holy cow I have a lot to do haha. I will still update every week on my tummy and post up pics though! So thats about all I have to say for this update.. I'm healing super well, feeling awesome, just excited about these upcoming weeks! Hope everyone is doing great, and happy healing (:
Good luck with your move!
Thanks!! I'm so excited to be with my family again.
Thank you so much for your journal. My surgery is scheduled for June 19th and I AM FREAKING OUT! I too have two wonderful little ones and a fantastic husband and I keep on thinking is it worth all of this? I'm the only one with the issues but after reading so many of the entries on this site I know I'm not alone. Thank you so much for all of your posts. I'll re-read them as I freak out on a daily basis - LOL. Oh did you have muscle repair too?

3 and a half weeks PO.

Just a quick update. I forgot to mention yesterday that Dr. Rizzuti also told me I am clear to start using scar creams now, he said to just get like Walgreens brand or something.. but I was wondering if anyone knows of one that they swear by? I would love to fade my scar as much as I can lol. I had Bio Oil already so I put that on this morning. I also still have my silicone strips, are those better than the scar creams? But anyway, I am so happy for my hubby, he is getting promoted to Sergeant on Monday (: I have so much more energy this week, I haven't been getting tired during the day to the point where I am falling asleep or anything like I was before. Also still not really swelling up much at all, once in a while I will have some at night but not bad. My dad is coming on the 9th, then he's helping me move back on the 14th. So I gotta go start packing and stuff ;) I will update next week! TTYL xx

Well, I like pictures haha.

Eh I decided to just put up some new pics to celebrate my stitches coming out of my belly button haha. Also I can totally see the definition in the sides of my muscles, Dr. Rizzuti is awesome. I can't wait to start working out, and toning everything up (:
Hey! Looking awesome! That t so great hubby will be coming home!!! I can't imagine how hard it is for you to be separated! -- About scar therapy, my opinion is they all work r really well. I use Mederma advanced (its once a day for eight weeks. I will probably switch to Bio Oil after the eight weeks. I have seen how well the scar strips work for others but I didn't want to hace them on my skin round the clock for weeks. If you use a cream,lottion or oil make sure you rub it in HARD! You want to be sure the scar flattens out and any puckered areas smooth out too.
Thanks! Actually he is home now, he has been serving in the military for 5 years and is getting out now to go to college. So we are all moving back to our home state (: when we are apart it does really suck but I just do what I gotta do! When I used the bio oil one of my scabs fell off, one that didn't look ready to yet lol so I think I'm going to wait to use it again. I think I will probably try Mederma, from what I hear it works well. Once my scar is much more healed I will go back to the silicone strips. Thanks for the tips! I would love for my scar to be nice and flat and all my skin smooth, so I will definitely do that. Oh and you have been working out right? What would you say is the best way to ease back into that? My ps said I can start ab work at 6 weeks po and I want to start slow obviously haha.
Just go slow and listen to your body. I just recently noticed some fluid in spots and think its because i wasnt wearing my garment much and also back to moving around alot. Spring cleaning and moving. Lots of bending. I am calling the doc tomorrow. All this time i hardly had any swelling and now at 9 wks i do. Not happy about that.

4 weeks post op.

Hello! I am 4 weeks post op today.. WOW time flies! Not much new to report, things are still going well.. my incision is healing nicely, nice and thin. My bb looks so much better without those darn stitches in it haha I love it. Although I have been standing straight for a while now, I find that sometimes if I am sitting down for a bit then get up, it takes me a few seconds to get all the way straight lol guess I just need to keep working on getting those muscles stretched out. My sides where the lipo was done still sting, and are still numb in spots. It really hurts if I accidentally bang my hip on something. That's been the most painful part of this whole process, the lipo! Darn those love handles. Without it I think I would have felt better a lot sooner. But I love my new belly so much (: new pictures to come at my one month po. Happy healing TT ladies, and good luck you future TTers! xx
Ooh well hopefully that goes down (: I don't wear my spanx a lot.. I know I should be wearing them like 24/7, but I like to take it off for a couple hours during the day, give my tummy a chance to breathe lol. I feel gross having them on all the time. It's funny, I feel so good I forget sometimes I need to slow down, still have lots of healing to do. I just feel healed already lol I know it's going to take months though.
Thanks for sharing the pics with me (: I can't imagine having to wait 3 weeks before getting to see your incision! Mine is pretty much scab free now, I put the silicone strips on last night. I really liked them, I feel like they work well even so early on. I can't wait to start working out, my thighs are getting super flabby now ugh and yes my doctor did tell me I can start doing ab work at 6 weeks. Yay! Yeah each week is better than the last, I feel like I have so much more energy (: I'm gonna start light this week, do some yoga and squats and stuff that doesn't impact my ab muscles, and work my way up to doing more.
If you start exercising make sure you wear your garment. I didn't and had some fluid build up. I had it drained at 9wks po and am ordered to keep the garment on 24/7 for 3 more weeks! Before that I had a storybook recovery. A mild setback but I was also told no exercise for 2 weeks. Discouraging.

4 weeks po, scar pics

Here is my scar at 4 weeks po. Its so nice and thin already, I love it!!

1 month post op

Yay! One month post op pictures (:

1 month post op

before and after!
Wow! You look great! As my date approaches I am getting so nervous and ready to chicken out. Thank you for sharing your story gives me hope!
Thanks (: thats exciting!! You will do just fine, its really not scary at all! No chickening out ;) you'll be so glad you did it once its done.
Looking good gurlie

5 weeks + 1 day post op.

Helloooo so I meant to update yesterday but my dad is here visiting and we have been having an awesome time (: I am 5 weeks po, and went to the pool in my bikini today!! I was so proud of myself haha it has been almost 8 years. Anywho, still doing great, no pain and I hardly wear my spanx.. even eating fast food I havent gotten that crazy "swell hell" I see on here. I do swell a little sometimes at night but mostly not an issue at all. Just a little bloated. Next week I get to start ab exercises which is awesomeeee, OH I did tell my dad about my tummy, he totally understood and basically was like, "whatever makes you happy." (: love my daddy. We leave tomorrow night for CT so I wanted to just pop in on yall and share some pics. Will update again in about a week!!
Looking good. Glad you are having fun with your dad and that he was supportive. Have a good time in CT.
You look fab......
Looking fabulous in that bikini! ;-)


Hey realself. So today I am 5 weeks and 5 days post op. Dr. Rizzuti said I was okay to start ab exercises at 6 weeks. I just tried to do a situp and could barely get my shoulders up off the floor.. soo discouraging! I did a few like that anyway and just didn't feel comfortable so I stopped. When were you post op girls able to do simple workouts again? I feel like I'm gaining weight :( this really sucks.
On a positive note, the kids and I are safe and sound at my mom's house in Connecticut, missing my hubby but he will be here in August. Time to find a job and a house, busy busy busy!! But I wont forget to update and add new pics. Have a great day everyone and happy healing (:
It seems like every doc is different. I was able to start walking at 2 weeks PO. 6 weeks everything except abs. 8 weeks abs.
Yeah I see that a lot too. Plus we all heal differently! I just gotta be patient I guess ;)
What part of CT? Your looking great :)

6 weeks post op!!

Wow time flies!!! 6 weeks is what I've been waiting for and now its here. Not much new to report, but I took new pics. It looks better to me all the time, and I'm still healing but feel awesome. I still can't hold my son because his knees against my stomach feels sore. Lipo feels much better but once in a while burns slightly when I get up from sitting. Gonna wait another week probably before trying a situp again, but I realize I need to be patient and take it slow still. Being in CT is wonderful, just can't wait until hubby can come too. 6 more weeks for him. But here are my pics, hope everyone is doing well, and happy healing!!! Never regretted this for a second! !
Hey there, you look great. I'm glad you're taking it easy on yourself. I'm sitting here in the hospital right now and while hearing that at 6 weeks out you even entertained a sit up gives me relief. I had the surgery yesterday and all went well. My PS said he's really happy with my results and that I'll love it. I can't wait to see. I did however lose my belly button which was talked about prior to surgery based on my previous hernia surgery. He said he'll modify something later but we'll cross that bridge another day. I actually also needed to get my appendix out so they did that during my surgery yesterday too. I swear you can't make this stuff up. So for all my doubts on doing this its because of the TT that my appendix was found out to be an issue. I am crazy sore right now but each time I go to the bathroom it seems to get a little easier so I'm going to just take it easy and listen to my body. Mentally I'm walking on sunshine, especially after the best rest I've had in year under anesthesia. I can' wit to post pics. Oh and I saw you're from Meriden too funny, I'm from Southington. What a small world.
Hey! Glad to hear things went well (: remember the first few days are he worst but it gets better before you know it! I can't belive I'm already 6 weeks out. Keep on top of your meds and you'll feel much better. I only needed them for 3 days then I switched to tylenol. Get lots of rest! Its definitely rough at first bu you just gotta remember it WILL heal in time. I actually laid on my stomach last night which makes me so happy, I'm a stomach sleeper. Couldnt sleep that way but its a start! Take it easy, can't wait to see pictures (: thats so funny you're from Southington! my hubby starts Briarwood in the fall :p
You look great! How many weeks were you when you hit the pool? I hope I can wear a bikini this summer! Lol

6.5 weeks.

Well things have been going great since moving to CT. Even though I've been out and about with friends and family almost constantly lol I have no more swelling, and I feel just fine. I stopped wearing my spanx a week ago, and don't feel like I need them anymore. I went out in the pool with the kids today, then laid out my towel on the grass to lay down and was very happy to see that I could easily lay on my stomach flat out with no pain or strain. Yay!! I feel 100% back to normal, it is amazing. Haven't tried a sit up yet, but I'm not worried. My tummy is beautiful amd flat and I watch my diet so I wont gain weight during this healing process. My 22nd birthday is on Friday, my friends and I are going out to drink and dance and have a good time so I bought myself this dress and new shoes. Check out that figure! ;) I am so happy.
Happy Birthday! Strut your stuff. It's so reassuring to hear you're doing so well and you look great!
Thanks girl! (: I'm so happy to be back to my old self. At first it feels like you'll never be the same but as we all know this takes TIME!! I am still soo early on in my healing too, I can't imagine how I will look and feel in a couple months. Hope you are doing okay too!
Happy birthday! Your scar has been healing beautifully. Is that from the silicone strips? So good to hear at 6.5 wks you feel so normal. Can't wait for mine!

7 weeks, 2 days post op. Happy Birthday to me!!!

Hello everyone! Today is my 22nd birthday! (: if anyone is curious as to why I'm 22 and married with 2 kids already, here's my story. My husband and I met in high school through friends. We started dating when i was 15 and he was 16. A few months into our relationship I got pregnant.. he said he loved me and wasn't going anywhere. So we had our beautiful daughter (: at 17 he decided to join he Marines to support our little family. At 18 we got married and wanted another child. So we had our sweet little boy at 19. I know none of this is relevant to my tummy tuck, but I wanted to share anyway (: I like people to know I didn't "get knocked up" with 2 different guys and none of them are around anymore. My husband and I are mature, we are very much in love and doing well for ourselves. That's also why I'm 22 and already having a tummy tuck, I'm done having kids and I want to have my body back! Which Dr. Rizzuti did an awesome job with. I'm so happy with my life right now. My tummy is doing great, I'm in zero pain.. did a few full situps the other day! So I'm happy about that. Really not much to report, things are stil going great. Have an awesome day ladies. Happy healing (: I will post more pics at 8 weeks po xxx
Happy birthday! Enjoy your new body
Thank you!! I'm so happy (:
Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have got it all together and still have so much life ahead of you to enjoy it! Did you wear your birthday dress out yesterday? It's smokin hot!

8 weeks post op!!!

Holy crap time just flies right on by now.. I was 8 weeks po on wednesday, 2 days ago. Nothing has changed.. still feel good, zero pain, even went running around in the backyard with my 2 year old haha and I felt fine (: some new pictures for ya.. scar slowly getting better, I need to start working out though cause I'm feeling "flabby".. its been nice to sunbathe in my bikini while my kids splash around in our kiddy pool hehe dream come true right? Hubby gets out of the Marine Corps at the end of the month so I can't wait to see him. Hopefully the days keep moving as fast as they have been. Anyway, like I said nothing new to say because I feel great, so here are my promised pictures (:

8 week pics

Oops I hit the wrong button. Wish you could edit this thing!! Here's he rest of my 8 week pics.
You look so awesome. Your scar has/is healing so smooth and thin. Your waist and flat tummy are super sexy. You look so natural.
Aw thanks (: I purposely didn't get my hopes up before my surgery because you never really know how It's going to turn out. But I am so much in love with the way I look, and feel, now! Hope you are doing well!
Looking fabulous!!!

9 weeks po.

Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks po.. went shopping for pants today to wear to prospective interviews, and OMG these are a size 2.. with room.. there werent any in a smaller size so I got them anyway. I can have them taken in. I'm so excited!!!
Looking great! You show such improvement each update. I can't wait to be able to wear real pants again.
Thanks girl! Just checked out your page, you're looking awesome (: remember how early on you still are, lots and lots of healing to do! Time and patience are so important. Hope you are feeling well, happy healing! It's so much better on this side!! Haha

10 weeks post op

Well I don't have much time for an update because I'm putting a deposit on a condo this morning, so excited! It's so nice to be back in Connecticut. My hubby gets here in a couple weeks. Anyway, things are still going well, I've started doing ab exercises (slowly but surely) so I can't wait to start seeing results on that.. here are a few pics I just snapped, no difference in my scar. Hope everyone is doing well!!
You look amazing! Go you!!!
Thanks girl!! Took a look at your pics, looking good! Patience is definitely key! (: glad you're feeling better about getting it done.

11 weeks post op.

Yesterday started week 11. I wanted to update yesterday but for some reason my tablet isn't letting me sign in so I am using a computer instead. Things are still going well for me, I feel like I definitely need to start stepping it up with the workouts, feeling a little 'round' in the belly ugh.. I stopped waking up looking like a supermodel lol. I have been working on the ab exercises, taking it slow, just doing what I can throughout the day. I know it will continue to get easier as I keep healing and strengthening. It's hard to feel like things are going to get better when I already feel so back to normal, in my head I feel like I'm at a standstill with the healing. I'm still numb from below my belly button to my scar, will the feeling ever come back? It really kinda sucks.. my scar doesn't seem to be progressing either it still looks the same as it as the last few weeks. I am still using silicone strips as well as Mederma Advanced every day. I know, I know, I still am early on in my healing. Wait for 6 months right? ;) anyway, the condo didn't work out for us.. the owners went with someone else so I'm still stuck staying with my mom until I can find my own place. So frustrating. My husband comes home in a week and a half so I can't wait to see him! But yeah anyway, tummy is doing alright, still pink around my bb but I think it's slowly getting better.. still have my scars from the drains, nobody seems to mention that on here but they are still alive and well. Two little pink dots looking like eyes on my vag. Kinda weird. But you know what, I am so so happy I did this, I'm a whole lot more confident in myself, and I don't try on 20 different tops in the morning to hide my belly, I would do this all over again. So worth it! I am gonna wait til 3 months post op to do more pics (2 more weeks) so until then, happy healing to all you beautiful ladies, and good luck to anyone still waiting for their day!
Hi. I think we were done around the same time. My scar still looks reddish but it is totaaly flat. I know it will fade with time. I had a mole removed and i remember thinking how long the scar was red/purple and now it is totally clear. I didnt use any scar creams on it either. I also had 2csections and you cant even find those scars! So, time.... Is the answer. I am still numb too. Doc said up to 6 months. As long as it is not pain right! Good luck with the condo. We are selling and looking at the same time. Lost out on a great place to someone else. Cant imagine another that will measure up. Will see.

15 weeks post op!

It's really hard to update on my cell, but we are in our NEW house in CT finally and have no internet yet (or furniture... wahhh) but i wanted to put up a few pics for yall, things are great, scar is getting lighter and I think my numb area is starting to maybe get some feeling back?! It's been slightly tingly there and a couple of quick stab like pains so I take it as a good sign (: good luck future TTers and happy healing to all!!

5 months post op (:

Sorry I missed last month's post! I have been so so busy with my new job and new house and my daughter starting Kindergarten... anyway! Things haven't really changed, still absolutely wonderful, I think I gained a couple of pounds ugh I gotta start working out before the holidays come and I explode. The feeling in the area below my belly button I still think is coming back, at least some.. my muscles feel good, my scar is getting much lighter! Pretty much just the best decision of my life ;) I am still in awe!! :D
You look simply amazing!!!!!!
You look great your scar is nice and faded and your bb is brilliant mine looks kind of like yours before it all healed properly so there's def hope for mine gettin better cos yours looks fantastic now :D xx
You look fabulous

6 months post op.. and still so happy I could cry (:

WOW 6 months has flown by.. seriously, where did the time go?! I remember before my procedure, reading through probably HUNDREDS of reviews on here, doubting that I could really go through with it, and especially doubting that I would look half as good as some of the fabulous pictures I saw. But this website is seriously a godsend.. it's the sense of true community and real care and honesty that really pushed me to move forward with my decision. I'd entertained the thought about doing it for a few years, but never really thought I would get it done! Then tax return season rolled around, and my husband and I got a nice amount of money back and I thought, wow, maybe I can really make this happen.. if anyone reading this has read back to my previous entries you'll know I had my first child at age 16. Being 16 and having a child is no easy task, but being 16 in general is no walk in the park either! My self esteem plummeted when I realized my stomach was not going to shrink back to where it used to be. I suffered silently with my depression, and being forced to think about it every day when I got dressed, or took a shower, just - for lack of a better word - sucked!! I'm sure many people on here felt the same way. And that's why we all eventually stumbled upon this website. I realized through talking to people who had already had their tummy tucks done that it was a very real idea to get mine fixed too. And so I did the research, found my AMAZING doctor, and made the call. And since my surgery I have never once doubted my decision. I do understand that sometimes, things go wrong, and there's always that chance.. sometimes it doesn't turn out the way one might have hoped. But for me, it was even more than I had imagined. And it still is. I used to get anxiety about taking my clothes off in front of my husband. And that's so not healthy in a relationship! I felt ugly, and disfigured, and even though he assured me I still looked just as beautiful as I always had to him, I couldn't shake the thought in my head that all he saw was my flab. Now, you can't keep me from walking around the house in my underwear hahaha I'm constantly strutting around with my sports bras on, (even in this cold weather)! I keep checking myself out in the mirror, and my mind is just still blown at how my tummy looks. The scar is fading still, and my belly button to me looks AWESOME. I'm happier than I have been in so many years. Seems like such a small thing really. And people who don't have the extra skin just don't understand that it won't go away on its own. But for us, we know what it's like. And I wouldn't ever take back my decision; I stopped feeling bad for spending the money on it because I feel so freaking good about myself, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Dr. Rizzuti is fantastic. I would very highly recommend him to anyone. I am about to take some pictures, so keep an eye out!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, healing fabulously, and keeping warm ;) love!!
Looking great!!
You look great! Were you happy with your new spanx garments in the long run? I am not sure I could get it on myself and worry that I would pee on it. How long did you wear them?
Glad you are so happy! That is awesome. Love your attitude!

6 month pictures (:

Here are my promised pics!!

6 month pictures (: take 2 haha.

These didn't make it in for some reason.
You look amazing girl!
Thanks!! :D
Having a tummy like yours would put a smile on anyone's face!! You look simply amazing, girl!!! If I looked like that I'd be strutting around in my underwear all day!!! (I realize though that when a person is as old as me I can't expect to look like a 20 year old!).

7 months post op

Well! Not much has changed in the last month.. maybe a few pounds gained over Thanksgiving ;) but other than that everything is A-OK! Still working on strengthening my ab muscles, if I work them too hard they get sore for a day or two. Thought I would add a new pic though, my pre-op to 1 month post op, to today at 7 months post! For some reason the pic today was a little bigger but whatever ;) Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!! xx

7 month picture

I hope my results are this great! Congrats on your great looking tummy! :)

okay one more picture, @ 7 months post

it would be nice if you could edit your posts, and be able to add more pics and stuff! *hint hint at realself managers*
Omg I'm just so astonished with your results!!!!! Wow
Thanks!! I could not be happier (:
Omg your results are amazing!! I hope I have great results like you too. It looks like you had stretch marks above your belly button pre tummy tuck? So are they light or do you still have any on your tummy? Take a look at my tummy on my tummy tuck journey and tell me if you think my tummy will look good after my tummy tuck. Thanks girl!

9 months post op

Hello my realself friends!!
I am just past 9 months post op. WOW. It's amazing how fast time goes once you're all healed up. So much has happened in the last few weeks.. CT has been getting slammed with this harsh winter weather, and unfortunately our car we bought in NC is not well equipped to handle it.. so we ended up sliding off the highway and slammed into a cliffside. Fortunately we are all okay, except I've been in some pain which has made it hard to work out. Between my shoulder/neck pain and being stuck inside with the snow, I feel like I'm putting on some fat so no pics this month :P haha. I have also made the decision to talk to an AF recruiter. I miss the military lifestyle, being home has made me realize how much I want to go back. Plus the awesome benefits! So anyway, tummy is fabulous as always, once I kick my ass back into high gear I'll post more pictures. Can't wait to be done with this stinky weather! I hate it!! Good luck to anyone just starting their journey!! It is truly amazing!!
You look amazing!!
LOVE your 7 months post picture! You look Fab! Congrats on making it to 9 months. I can't wait (I am only 3 months). I updated my Review today as well. :-)

10 months post!

Hello fellow tummy-tuckers!!
I feel awesome today, got in a great workout this morning.. I really need to start doing more cardio because I hate my thighs!! Bikini season will be here before we know it (even though we are still getting SNOW here......) and I fully intend to strut around and show off my $6000 well spent. Feeling a LOT better than I did before, went to the ER to get my pain checked out but I'm totally fine (: yay! Putting up my promised pics for this month. As always, good luck to you ladies with future sexy tummies, and happy healing to all who are still in their first few months! You'll be up and about before you know it!!
Looking amazing! Your results have been excellent from the start. Hard to believe 10 months have gone by! Happy almost anniversary!!!
You look great!! I enjoyed reading about your family (why you are 22 yrs old and have 2 kids already). Very sweet! I am so jealous that your are half my age and you were able to trim down so quickly with exercise. It takes so much exercise to maintain your shape as you grow older. Glad things worked out for you. All the best to you.
Love it! Looking good! I feel you about the thighs. I'm working on those and my butt.

11 months post op today (: amazing!!

Hi everyone!! I can't believe it's been almost a year since my life-changing surgery. Incredible.
I still can't stress just how much this has improved the way I feel about myself. I couldn't go a day without thinking about my tummy. It affected the way I dressed, the way I carried myself.. every time I sat down I thought, can anyone see my roll? I felt thin but if I sat down or bent over it all sagged out and I remembered it was there. When I got undressed it was there. When my husband wanted to make love to me.. it was there. All just hanging out. He understood that I needed this and I can't thank him enough for his support. I feel amazing, and I can't wait to go to the beach this summer!! It's funny, now my tummy is fixed I'm trying not to focus on the other parts of my body that need work.. like my thighs.. ugh! ;)
Good luck to all you ladies who are just getting started!! Just keep your head up - the beginning is the hardest part but it DOES get better (:
Thank you so much for posting your recent pics! My surgery is a week away and it seems like a million years before I'll see the "end" results! You look beautiful. I'm so happy for you! It's hard to live with a tummy you're unhappy with and what a great thing it is that we don't have to!
You look great!!!

One year post - op! I finally made it.

WOW. What a year it's been. I can't believe how fast it flew by. We're already getting ready to move again, and I'm about to celebrate another birthday next month. I did miss my surgery anniversary, it was last week, but the pictures I took on the actual day. I've been SUPER busy with work, and finding a new place to live, and our new puppy!! We got a german shepherd puppy a few weeks ago, and he's been keeping us pretty active haha I love him so much. Anyway, it's been a great year, I won't be updating as much but I will get on here maybe for 18 months, 2 years? We'll see! Good luck to all who are starting this process, it's incredible. Feel free to contact me (:
Any time I feel like backing out from having the surgery, I will come back to your story. OMG. You look incredible.
Wow! You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your story and posting your one year update.

Since my 1 year post update...

HI all! It's only been 2 months since my last post but a lot has changed so I decided to update again.. hubby and I are separated so I live on my own now, which gives me a lot of time to work on myself! So I'm happy (: I have been working out a lot more, eating fairly cleanly, and unfortunately work is pretty slow right now but should be picking up again soon. So that will be awesome. I'm at about 14 and a half months post op now, my tummy looks incredible to me so I'm busy working hard on everything else now haha my thighs still need work and my arms and all that. Still not ready to rock a bikini bottom (shorts all the way!) but I do wear my bikini top at the pool to show off my efforts. So here's where I am at so far. Hope all you lovely ladies are feeling good, no matter what stage you are at in your tummy tucks, and I will update again soon! Hopefully next time my legs will be looking a little trimmer ;) love!
Oh no! You just got a new house! Sorry about the hubby situation but hopefully you are in a happier place! You look fantastic!
It's okay (: it was my decision. We're going to try and work on things, but I really am happy. At first I was "stress eating" a lot, and lazing around, but then I realized it was time to start working on myself. So I started to work out again, and now I do it 2 or 3 times a day, and I feel amazing! If I eat anything bad now I just feel sluggish and it encourages me to keep going (:
Haha thanks girl! You're gonna love it! (:
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

I actually found this doctor through realself.. I spoke to a girl who got her tummy tuck done by them and she looked amazing! So I went for a consult and knew I wanted it done with him. Everyone at GPS is so nice and it is very comfortable there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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