Knowledge of Effect of a Post Op Mistake - Greensboro, NC

I went for my facial filler; procedure 4 days...

I went for my facial filler; procedure 4 days later saw dr who follows me for skin cancer and he froze a small pre cancer above my lip. afterward i began to worry about effect on the filler. I alas neglected to ask either doctor about risks of doing it so soon after filler there. There is a small red oval where the pre cancer was.
with the place now looking like a small white circle. likely prognosis. safe to wait and see what happens? will this simply recover in time so should I just wait and see

Have you called both offices to let them know? I would definitely encourage you to do so, if you haven't already.

Please keep us posted on what comes of it.

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found Dr. W on line. The doctor who did the filler is a well regarded plastic surgeon and did a very good job. I got your address on line

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