My Eyeliner Lasting 16 Years - Greensboro, NC

I have had my permanent eyeliner makeup for 15...

I have had my permanent eyeliner makeup for 15 years now and Samira knows how much I appreciate having it being a beach bum. Samira is top of the line in her field and I highly recommend her talent,and my eyebrows looks so natural like hair strokes,now Iam going to get my permanent lip color so Ican truly wakeup with makeup.

For me, the permanent makeup is now a reality and I am so happy with the result.

thank you samira soon i am coming to get my 2nd skin needling my face looks fabules ,and I love the lash dip it is great not to have to put mascara for 6 weeks. thank GOD you are in greensboro NC.


Samira just did my eyebrows and I can't wait to heal all the way. Everyone loves my work
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I also had permanent eyeliner and eyebrows done by Samira! She is wonderful!
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I just had eye liner upper and lower by Samira and she is fabulous!!
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