300 Ml Salines Placed over the Muscle 3 Years Ago

Pros- the recovery was not too bad. I was out of...

pros- the recovery was not too bad. I was out of work a couple days.

cons- general discomfort and having to be careful about damaging anything

I did it to improve my self image and increase self confidence.

I had 300 ml salines placed over the muscle 3 years ago. I got capsular contraction within a year. Had a capsulotomy, without success a year later. Waited another 2 years to get a capsulectomy, which was about 3 months ago, also without success. I am now going to a different doctor to get total unders, with insertion under the armpit. My old doctor said I should leave the implants out for 6 months before doing this. My new doctor said that was a bad idea, and they should be extracted and replaced at the same time. What do you think? My new Doctor also says that my chance of getting cc again is about 3%.
My new doctor said it depends if he removes the capsule. He wants to see what it looks like when he gets in there, because he's going from overs to unders. so should he remove and replace in one procedure rather than remove, wait 6 months, then put under?
Your cances of capsular contracture under the muscle is 5%. When the implants are removed are they going to remove the capsule? There are newer ideas of usind ALLODERM to decrease capsular contracture in people like you who form Capsular Contractures.But Alloderm is very expensive $300 for one piece. Go slowly understand all your options and potential risks.Discuss with multiple BOARD CERTIFIED PS
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I think he hasn't kept up with the current procedures, like performing unders instead of overs.

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