Extended TT and Lipo to Flanks and Back

I am 5 days out from sx and have finally moved...

I am 5 days out from sx and have finally moved over from nervous and conflicted to excited (and still a little nervous, lol)! I think that i am most concerned about recovery. I have heard few "horror" stories, but I am really squemish, and have had some lower back issues since my epidural with my 11 month old. I'm really hoping that I'm not so grossed out that I faint or that my minor back issues become major back problems during my "hunch back" period.

I will be having an extended tt, and lipo to flanks and back. Since deciding to get the procedure I have lost 22 lbs and am back to my pre preggers weight (definitely not shape) from both of my children: 6 yrs and 11 mons. But the non-shrinkage in my pouch has made me even more determined to fearlessly push through and get rid of it for good!

I only have one hesitation and any feedback from you post-op'ers out there is much appreciated: I am scheduled to go to the islands 5 weeks post op. This is a very important event for me and my first trip out of the country. I have some fears that I may not be recovered enough to enjoy myself, although my ps assures me that I will be back to pretty moderate functioning, enough to have fun. What do you guys think? Thanks for any feedback!

I'm pretty sure that I had an extended tummy tuck, since the scar is a little past hip to hip. But once I hit day 11 (today) and got my tubes taken out I feel so much better. It seems to be the trend that around two weeks is when people start to feel like their old selves.
I had a tt and lipo of flanks on April 7th, I feel pretty much back to normal, so I think you'll be fine after 5 weeks. I stood straight up after 3 days and have sleep in my own bed since the 4th night. Good luck
i am day 5 of full tummy tuck and diastasis repair, was nervous as anything but really for no reason, i am walking around, only on advil for pain but take slightly stronger at night, I am so impressed. I too have lower back pains normally...the pain is higher with the hunch so long as u lay down or sit straight and not walk bent over for too long u will get through it, i just look beyond all of that because i am so excited at how much better the belly looks, it makes it all worth it. if u ever want reassurance about anything let me know, it has been wonderful for me and this site helped me prepare for it, good luck x cant wait to see how it works out for u xxx
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Haven't had procedure yet.

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