Going in for Breast Aug 3/29/10 for Hp300 or 350cc

Im looking for someone in the appleton or green...

Im looking for someone in the appleton or green bay area who has it and is happy years later.Im not even an A i guess but want to be a full C. Trying to pick between mentors hp of 300cc-350cc. For a few years I was a C but lost alot of weight.Im now 108lbs,5'6".

Hi, Your breasts look alot like mine. I am considering going to Dr Bartell in Madison. I guess he sees you after 5 days and again after 3 weeks...etc. So maybe if you wanted to consider traveling or even spending 5 days in Madison that would be a choice for you. I hear he is really great and his website (with great info videos) is drbartell.com I think or just google Dr Bartell in Madison. He is my first choice and there are a couple of reviews on this site that used him, and they look amazing, they love the work he did. He has 20+ years experience and goes through the armpit (I like that for the scar personally) His work looks natural. To get the desired result and feel god about your doctor is important. I am going to see several before I decide on one but really I cant help but like him from all I have found out so far! I figure it is super expensive and so I am looking to use my timeshare to trade a week in Madison. It s worth it to me to get to see the right person and not limit myself to the immediate area. Hope that helps you.
Hi Amy, I'm not from your are I'm actually in Utah. I had my breast implants 3 weeks ago and alreay love them. I had 325 put in each side. With nothing to start with in the first place I was and still am thrilled with the results. I'm told they will continue to drop for a few weeks and soften up which will make it all the better. Do it you'll be happy to did but only if you feel happy with your doctor. Good Luck and hope this helps.

Hi Amy,

Here are links to other RealSelfers in Wisconsin who have had breast implants: Wisconsin breast implants reviews

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Good luck with your surgery and please keep us posted!

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So far he been great with explaining and understanding.Im going to see how it turns out before i say who he is.

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