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Septoplasty - Rhinoplasty: Swollen Nose Tip Post-op

Hi everybody, I had a septoplasty - rhinoplasty...

Hi everybody, I had a septoplasty - rhinoplasty six weeks ago. I had a small hump so I had my nose straitened and my doctor also had some of the tip tissue taken out from the left side for symmetry reasons.

There was no pain anddoctor was very talkative and friendly. Little bruising. However, I still feel my nose swollen when I wake up in the morning, very slow recovery. I had the operation for health reason (deviated septum that caused serious nasal infections and severe headaches). I didn't like my profile adn the nose tip was a bit exaggerated so I wanted a small improvement.

Although generally my nose is much straighter than before, I can still see the hump and I am concerned that it will stay like that and won't go down. Moreoever my nose tip looks very rounded, especially from the left side (from where tissue was removed). Is it due to swelling and still early to worry abou it? In case I need to go through a revision for the tip will I need general anesthesia, is it more complicated than the initail procedure?
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