Disappointed with Rhinoplasty Results - Greece

I had a rhinoplasty for fuctional and aestethic...

I had a rhinoplasty for fuctional and aestethic purposes my nose was very wide with very big and boxy tip and a hump and i also had a deviated septum .

Now my nose is more wide with the difference that is more round with assymetric tip. In one side is more pinched than the other and there is an identation in the right side of bridge that is more evident when i smile ,i am very sad and this incident has affected my phychology and social life , i am afraid to go for a revision because have lost my faith in doctors i am from europe

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sorry for u,, i dont like ma nose 2 and thinking about 3rd rhinoplasty but v. scared i lost confidence in drs they rnt honest and all they want is money dont know wht gonna 2 do just wish to restore self esteem
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thank u for the reply:)i am very disappointed but i try not to give up and find the best surgeon for the rhinoplasty revision.I am from greece so i dont know where to address i even consider to do my revision in us .Can u inform me about the cost of a revision rhinoplasty in us and what doctors are the best in the field of the revision??Also how can i get free consultation from doctors in this forum?thank u in advance Angiemcc
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I'm sorry you're so disappointed in your results!

A different surgeon (one who specializes in revision rhinoplasty) should be able to help you get what you're looking for. You might want to check out our revision rhinoplasty community here.

Also, I'm not sure how far out you are from your surgery, but your nose could still be swollen!

(Would you mind updating your cost? Looks like you might be missing a few zeros there. :) Thank you!!)

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