Unknown Permanent Filler Injected in Lips - Could Past Mistakes Affect Our Lives Forever?

Hi,i am 32 years old and in 1997 a greek...

hi,i am 32 years old and in 1997 a greek aesthisian injected me 6 injections of an unknown filler in my lips.i was too young and i trusted her by telling me that it was a harmless filler that it would have gone in 6 months.she was a criminal.in greece there was a huge scandal with 150 injected women having serious complications(many of them had mastectomy,yes she had done them even in their breasts).

now i have a hard yellow mass under my lips of course i look like a fish and the lips have started changing(more uneven and lumpy).

i have gone to many doctors.they all say to me that they cannot do anything about my situation.i must live with it and wait for the worst to come.i am living a nightmare.last year i started to have a stabbing pain on them.i am very scared and afraid of my future.can anyone help me?anyone who has experienced the same with me?the only thing that i know for the filler is that it is a colorless oil.they cannot traced it.and the aesthisian has died of cancer to ask her....

is there any treatment for unknown permanent filler in lips?


Wow, I'm very sorry for what happened to your lips. I don't have any lips (well I do but they are very thin) and I was thinking of having some sort of lip augmentation done, I did not realized is was so expensive, and that so many things can go wrong. I'm really vain always thinking of how fast Im aging and I get really sad and depressed, So more than likely I will probably get a procedure done. Can any one tell me what the best procedure is and what price I'm to expect? Hope everything works out for you, keep up your spirits, remember for every problem there is a SOLUTION just do your research.

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I now live in South Afica,.. which looks where i live in Cape town,... increibly beautiful, shopping malls,.. everything you want like in Europe and the States,..
But,. the plastic surgery is the best here, and cheapest,.. my lips actually turned out good, it took over a month,.. but where very good,..please come to south africa, book into a hotel,..also cheap.. it really is a great place for surgery,..many women ( white) have surgery every day here on everything thinkable.
Blessings sisters,.. and peace on this earth,.. we need it!
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hi there, yes the silicone can be cut partially but it might leave a permanent deformation on lips.so all of the doctors will advise to leave it as it is.the news is that i have noticed a discoloration on the moustache area:-( i know that in paris,france are very good doctors and least costly for you..please let me know for your progress
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