Lip Injection with Hyaluronic Acid Uneven and Unsatisfied - Greece, GR

Hi! i had my lips injected with hyaluronic acid...

Hi! i had my lips injected with hyaluronic acid (didn't ask for the brand) twice! The first time my doctor suggested me to fill my lips with a small ammount to see how it goes and after 2 weeks to add a little to achieve my goals! So after 4 weeks having the second session, i'm not very satisfied with the results! First the volume is kinda the same with the old ones. Second the left side is a little bigger than the right (like it have a very small ball).. When i brush my lips to exfoliate them, i really love the way they look, plumped and juicy.. i don't know what to do.. they don't make a difference with the old and i think that was not worth the money


Sorry to hear you're not happy! My lips looked a little lopsided after 1cc was put in, too, but they kind of are anyway, so I just lived with it. If the results really bug you, you can have the hyaluronic acid dissolved though. You might want to call your doctor as ask what your options are. We'd love to see your photos!

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