Accidentaly got hit by a pillow after revision rhinoplasty & septoplasty

The main reason I decided to proceed with a...

The main reason I decided to proceed with a revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty is a postoperative nose fracture that I had (and the doc I had chosen didn't even correct my deviated septum as he had promised). Worth mentioning, I had initially decided to have my first rhinoplasty after I ended up with another nose fracture that a severe accident had caused me when I was a teenager. So, now it's been almost 3 weeks (around 2 and a half to be more precised) after I had my revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty with a specialized and experienced doc abroad (due to lack of expertise where I live). Unfortunately, yesterday my boyfriend accidentally threw me a pillow and, the edge of the pillow hit me on that area of my bridge which is just before my tip (on the supratip perhaps?). You can understand how extremely worried I am after all I've been through...

Thankfully the hit itself was not forceful but I'm still sensitive and that gave me some pain. What troubles me is that it might have created a dent on that spot which probably turns all the attention on my dorsum as a result. I can't really tell if this is the case or it's just me worrying too much about it that I exaggerate. And this is what's killing me. My tip is still swollen, same is my lateral sides (the nasal bones), especially my right side where the fracture had occurred and my doc had to work more on it. So it's very difficult for me to evaluate the implications of the hit. Since I had my operation abroad I can't visit my doc for a check up. The only one who can possibly advise me is my ENT surgeon here. I just don't want to end up having a saddle nose. Any opinions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Fortunately everything turned out to be just fine!...

Fortunately everything turned out to be just fine! When I called my doc he reassured me that there is nothing to worry about and, the truth is, the more the swelling from the surgery subsides the more becomes obvious that no damage was caused. Of course this doesn't refute the fact that accidents of any kind must be prevented after such surgery!!
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I wouldn't get too worried about this. I had a few bumps after my rhinoplasty and it didn't seem to affect anything. A pillow is probably not going to cause lasting damage, but can you email photos and a message to your doctor just to put your mind at ease?

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