Great Until Breastfeeding 3 and 18 Years Later

I had silicone under the muscle in 1989...

I had silicone under the muscle in 1989 ($2,500) They were great... Got them after one child. When breastfeeding went from an A/B cup to DD, so afterwards was a shock. The implants were the perfect solution and brought me to a C/D cup. It was well worth it when I had it done and for the next 7 years until baby 3 & 4. Now, 18 years later and Breastfeeding 3 more.... I now need a lift. I am not sure I want the scars, but my I only have about 1 inch of skin visible under my nipple :-( I wonder if I had waited on the implants if I could have just had the implants now without the Full lift and horrible scars....
Who was your doctor?
How are your kids? Did they have any health issues after breastfeeding with implants in place?
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