Great Results but Took Too Long to Recover.

I wouldn't say that Blepharoplasty was excellent,...

I wouldn't say that Blepharoplasty was excellent, but it wasn't bad either. I mean i really do like the results ( i have fairly younger looking eyes now), but the recovery took so long that it almost led me to believe that i would never recover itself. Strange as it may sound, my eyes watered so much after the surgery that it seemed like i was crying like crazy. Also, my swelling on the eyes was like a bee sting and pretty horrific to look at. Besides, i also had a lot of pain on my eyelids, specially the lower one and acute headaches which eased out only after a month. On the whole it took me more than 2 months to recover fully and for the eyes to stop stinging and watering. It is a good procedure and my eyes did look very young after 2 months, but it just took a little too long to recover.

i had lower and upper eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago, my eyes were hitched up at the side as the doctor said they would fall back down again to a natural position. i too have had really watery, stingy eyes for the past week and feel like the scarring at the side of my eyes is going to be visible as the doctor said he also elongated them. however, i have faith in the surgeon as i have heard only good things about him and thoroughly checked his credentials before going ahead. think the only thing to be done is play the waiting game and see how my eyes turn out, i also had cheek implants, which made the swelling worse. as i said, i am 2 weeks post op and i don't feel anywhere near ready to venture out and take up normal activities. i would say to anyone who is considering this procedure to consider the fact that your eyes won't be anywhere near 'normal' for a month or two and to make allowances for recovery time with regards to going back to work etc.

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