Great Results with Fraxel

Fraxel helped my acne scarring a lot. I was not...

Fraxel helped my acne scarring a lot. I was not expecting a miracle, just improvement.

I am very happy with the results and the minimal downtime. 3 treatments and I am happy enough to skip the 4th. Wearing makeup used to make my acne look worse, now I am so happy that I can wear makeup.


What's the name of your doctor?please I really want to know thanks.
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I live in the West Palm Beach area and would like to know where you had the procedure done and how I could contact them. Thanks!!!
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Yes, I would love to see pics as well! I just had my 3rd treatment but I'm definitely going for a 4th and maybe 5th!
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Name not provided

From what I understand most docs don't offer pre-treatment with pain medication and topical lidocaine, this doctor does which makes it totally painless. After treatment it is less painful than a bad sunburn.

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