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After watching the wrap on the tyra banks show I...

After watching the wrap on the tyra banks show I decided to try it. I eat good and workout but I have loose skin and cellulite on my thighs. I have to say the experience was different and I could hardly stop laughing when I saw myself in the mirror,but once the wrap came off, I felt really good. I didn't see as much results right after as I did the following day and my Husband said my legs looked tighter. I know nothing is permanent, but if it can help me look and feel better about my legs,the experience is worth it to me. I'm going to do more mineral wraps and will let everyone know my results. Thanks

Where did you get it done in cali, ive been looking for a place to get it done

To Big Heath Risk First of all you should get your facts straight! The "Suddenly Slender Inc" Body Wraps do not have a problem with the FDA due to Yeast,Mold or contaminates in their solution. I should know I have been doing the wraps on myself for over 10 years and still offer them to my clients.Don't you think the FDA would have shut down all of the 'Suddenly Slender'Victoria Morton Salons by now if they were contaminated? Like I said, I have been doing the wraps on myself for over 10 years and I'm very healthy. I would think having my hands in contaminated solution for all these years would have left me very Ill. I have been in the business longer than most and I have seen how a few of the licenses tried to branch off into their own Body Wrap Business, thinking they too could cash in on the body wrap craze. This forced 'Suddenly Slender' to take legal action with one in particular, licenses. I won't mention any names, but I'm very aware of this person and she won't give up trying to slanderize "Suddenly Slender". Whats so funny is that once she convinces you that 'Suddenly Slender" is no good, she then tries to sell you one of her bodywrap licenses along with her miracle solution. Ha Ha what a joke! Some licenses went into the wrap business thinking they were going to get rich overnight and when they realized this wasn't going to happen, they figured the next best thing was to slanderize "Suddenly slender". Whats so funny about this is that if they had been making more money,they would be still offering the supposedly contaminated wrap. Some people aren't good business people and couldn't make it in the wrap business. Maybe they were lazy, but attempting to destroy a wonderful product is a pretty low life move, especially since they thought it was good product until they didn't get rich quick. To Big Health Risk...SHAME ON YOU!!!!! for being so selfish. Like I said, I started this business long before most and continue to offer the wraps as I feel the solution works the absolute best and I'm a true believer. Greedy people have tried to bring down "Suddenly Slender". It looks to me that Big Heath Risk could be a past licenses who didn't make it, so instead of just moving on, is trying to make "Suddenly Slender" appear to have an on going FDA compliance issue. Again a selfish move to other licenses. As stated before, THERE IS NO FDA “SITUATION!” "Suddenly Slender" is no different than other companies in the cosmetic and beauty industry. They are required to comply with laws designed to protect their Patrons, and they work hard to do just that. Doing so is an ongoing process. It is simply part of what they, and others, in the industry must do. So, they diligently work to meet any and all FDA regulations. Again, this is an ongoing process. Manufacturing companies in our industry are routinely inspected and given recommendations. Over the last 30 years they have been given recommendations by the FDA, and continue to comply with them. their in-house (and independent testing laboratory) is tasked with making sure they make every effort to ensure that the product clients receive is safe. So when you read these smear tactics posted on the Internet sites, such as this one, please don’t be misled. In addition I have posted the 2004-2008 lab reports. See for yourself. Also when Jiffy had the Ecoli outbreak, I didn't see a lab report posted in the grocery stores that they were now free from Ecoli, or the lettuce, eggs and more, Have you?
Most of the salons you go to now that still operate under the Suddenly Slender name are not actually using Suddenly Slender products. Those products were found to carry high levels of mold, yeast and bacteria during an inspection by the FDA. The company owner, Victoria Morton has never bothered to comply with the safe manufacturing guidelines of the FDA. One has to assume that the products are still contaminated and may cause rashes, skin lesions, and other potentially dangerous conditions. Before you get a Suddenly Slender body wrap, be sure to check this company out on ripoffreport.com.
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