A Little Nervous but Excited - Great Neck, NY

I have just gotten a nipple reduction and breast...

I have just gotten a nipple reduction and breast lift two days ago. I am very happy I have gotten it done since I have always been embarrassed of my breasts. But, I have been very nervous and almost paranoid and I am not sure why. I stopped taking the pain killers because I was getting constipated. I am scared to look at my breasts and see the scars. I took a shower for the first time today and got very dizzy and had to sit down. I know it will be worth it in the end but the recovery process, even though has just started, is really taking a toll on me.

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I'm sorry this recovery has been rough for you. Your incisions probably won't be pretty at first, but they should fade CONSIDERABLY over the next few months/years, so don't be too freaked out by the red angriness in the beginning. The dizziness during the first shower is common, but if you're concerned, do call your surgeon for a chat.

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