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Great at First Not Sure Now.

I had my Radiesse experience 2 weeks ago and the...

I had my Radiesse experience 2 weeks ago and the results were great. Now, two weeks later it seems to have disappeared. My Dr.told me this happens when the calcium is obsorbed and then collegen fills in? I have has Botox, Restlyane they really work. I am hoping what my Dr. said is true or I want my money back.
I have had radiesse twice so far. The first time, my PA was a bit hesitant as she hadn't done it for long, and very conservative as far as amount of product to inject. I had a lot of swelling and then needed to fill up a bit more with extra Restylane. Well, I think it lasted a year and I could tell when it went down. I think it created a great long-wearing base for restylane touchups. Second time around, she was not shy and i didn't swell or bruise hardly any. My cheeks and undereyes look great, but I'm not sure it works as great for the mouth lines. still, I like to combine products as they don't work the same or in the same areas. I pay 800 for a full syringe, and 350 for the smaller touch up one. Also, after one year my face still looked much better than before i injected any filler into it. 47 and look 37 right now. worth the money. ADVICE: it really boils down to how and where it is injected, totally an individual decision on the PA. I've tried a good dermatologist for restylane and did not like it as much as my old pa. If you bruise badly or are dissatisfied in any way, don't abandon it. Try another practitioner, and you may be gladly surprised.
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