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Great for Cheeks Bad for Under Eyes

I love the way my cheeks came out flawless but...

I love the way my cheeks came out flawless but under eyes bad product. I'm on 3rd week and still have redness and darkening and lumps under eyes. My Doc gave me lidocaine on the outside area of parts of my face so not to much pain just felt weird. He also added to my upper eyelid which looks really really good would not of thought how much younger you can look if you put some on upper outside part of brow.

I would do cheeks again but I will try something else for under eye next time. When will these mild lumps go away and redness and still some minor bruising strange. $500 a syringe.

I have the redness and bumps under both eyes after haveing one full syringe 4 weeks ago. I keep concealer under my eyes all the time but the red still is visable and don't forget about the bumps, lumps. Not good. I won't be doing Radiesse again.
I had radiesse at the top of my cheek bones about 5 weeks ago and I have not noticed any improvement there but I definitely have the dark circles and the hollows under my eyes that I never had before. I look like a tired old hag and I used to look pretty good for my age. My doctor says nothing is wrong but I look terrible and no amount of make-up will cover it up. Does anyone know how long these ugly bags will last. I doubt I would do a filler again after this experience.
How are you doing? I had my radiesse under the eyes July 2009 and I still look like an old hag. It is better but still terrible looking. I keep hoping someone found a way to get rid of this stuff.
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My Doc was very sensitive to my fear of needles and pain

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