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I went for thermage to tighten the skin on my...

I went for thermage to tighten the skin on my thighs. It hurt like the dickens and took about 2 hours or more. It did no good in fact now, i have pits and fat lumps in my legs that i didn't have before. Another medical person said they had caused damage. The only possible fix is to get mesotherapy to get rid of some of the lumps and as far as skin tightening.. a thigh lift I guess. What a painful rip off this was. Its now at least a couple of years since I had this done.

I too had thermage done at Dr. Bill Johnson's office in Dallas, Texas. It was intense torture!!! The pain was excruciating and was not worth even the best results. It has been over two months and I haven't seen hardly any improvement, if any at all. As soon as I get up in the morning, it looks like there may have been a very slight improvement, but a few minutes later, I guess after gravity takes effect, it looks the same. I had it done on my abdomen and thighs. My thighs were done first and I told the tech that I couldn't take the pain anymore to get my stomach done. She asked the doctor for stronger meds and then gave it to me. It helped some, but the pain was still unbearable in some areas. I was given 500 pulses per thigh and 500 on my abs. I had researched this procedure for almost 2 years before having it done. I didn't know anything about how many pulses you should have until after the procedure. I read that it takes 1200 to a couple thousand pulses per treated area to get results. This procedure was very expensive at Dr. Johnson's office, but I went to him because I read and heard he was the best and is one of the pioneers for this procedure. I saw him on The Doctor's as well and read the his office was actually the main teaching facility of this procedure to other doctors. I spent several hours being tortured and spent thousands of dollars to not get any result. As I said, not even the best results would be worth the pain, but to suffer the pain and throw away money for no result is a travesty! I thank God, I don't look any worse! They said it takes 4 months to see your full results, but I'm not holding my breath for it to get better from that procedure; although, I hope it does!!! I realized that most procedures, cosmetics, creams, treatments etc. never live up to what doctors or companies promise or say. The best thing is to do research on natural things that work and take matters into your own hands (eating right, exercising, making your own skin tightening creams from coffee/olive oil/cocoa butter/etc, sea salt and shae butter body scrubs, hair products from herbs, exercising with weights for your legs to build the muscle and help tighten the skin and get rid of cellulite). I hope things get better for you!
I had this procedure done five days ago and haven't had any problems. Even though the procedure was painful as the skin heated up from the wand after so many passes across the thighs, I have had no blistering, pain or swelling. My dermatologist's office that did the procedure said you are supposed to wear Spanxs for a month, at least 8 hours a day. Did you do that or get the same instructions? Mine didn't take two hours and it was administered based on number of "jolts" (for lack of memory of the technical word she used.) It took an hour at the most. They probably over did your treatment. I couldn't have endured two hours of that! She said I wouldn't see real results until after three months. And, she recommended two treatments. If you paid $3,000 for one treatment, it sounds like you actually received two treatments at once. My total cost was $2,800 and I go back for the second treatment in three months.

I too had a very bad experience on my thighs - i did it a month ago and within 2 days i went from running 5 miles a day to not being able to walk to to the immense swelling in my legs. Ive seen 8 doctors, not one knows what to do. Screw the money - i want my life back!!!!

Dr. bill Johnston

He's on WFAA channel 8 all the time on the morning shows so I mistakenly took that to mean he was an expert. He didnt' do the procedure, in fact I didn't see him on procedure day. Two technicians only. It hurt so much and I am so ashamed of my legs. In Texas it's too hot not to wear shorts. One of my legs didn't even have any real problems at all until after the thermage. I really wanted the loose skin on my right leg fixed. Oh and you should read the contract at the time you decide, not the day of your procedure. It actually says.. we promise nothing.. no guarantees, we implied nothing... Gee really? then why would I spend 3K ? I'm so sick of these con men preying on our vulnerabilities.

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