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Hi everyone I am 25yrs old and have had two...

Hi everyone I am 25yrs old and have had two beautiful daughters, which I love so much. I had my first daughter at about 17 and from then on my once beautiful stomach was destroyed. I have thought about this so much and can't wait for this. I scheduled my tummy tuck for February with Dr. Adkins in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am getting Lipo of my flanks, lower stomach, and a breast lift. I am wondering alittle bit about the price though I have agree to pay it however but I think its alittle costly. What do you all think?

Dr. Adkins

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I always tell people not to fix on the price.  If you have done research on your doctor and he has all of the license and recommended certifications then you are good.  You do not want to go cheap when it comes to surgical procedures.  You are having quite a bit of work done so that will cost a bit more.  

How exciting that you are able to get all of this done:)  Keep us up to date on your progress and so post some before an after pictures.  Would love to see them.


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