Was Wanting Implants but Now Decided on Fat Transfer - Grand Rapids, MI

I'm considering natural breast augmentation way...

I'm considering natural breast augmentation way more now than implants, actually Im not even wanting implants anymore cuz I'm concerned for the complications and I dnt like the idea of having to replace them every 10 or less years and the money for doing that every time. I like how the implants look better than the natural augmentation, but I think I'd be happier and satisfied with the natural one. Including doing the natural breast enhancing messages. Now I'm looking for a doctor, have a few choices nearby.

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Did you end up getting the natural augmentation done? I have implants right now & considering removing them & having fat transfer done. What Dr. In GR did you use? Thx
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Good luck with you decision to do fat transfer. I am using the Brava system now to expand the breasts and my surgery for the transfer is scheduled for March 8th.
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Good luck with your transfer. I have an initial consult on 3/6 to do the same thing. I am SO EXCITED! I actually met with a woman on realself who had it done in my area. She also used the Brava to pre-expand and she looks awesome!!
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