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For those who think this is a weight loss...

For those who think this is a weight loss procedure, it is not. I gained 10 lbs following the procedure and it's been hell trying to take it off. My thighs are not smooth or contour. So upset I won't even return to the follow up appointment 3 months later. I am hoping if I really kick into gear a good workout routine will be able to change the appearance of my thighs. I have also had Lipo on my flanks and stomach and when or if you do gain any weight it does come back worse in other places. I do NOT blame my doctor at all, in all information you read about this procedure they state you need to work out and eat healthy in order for the best results. Women who are menopausal I do not suggest this procedure because of the ever changing hormones and weight fluctuations.
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Well because you werent excersicing getting fat removal is not like Oh my fat is all gone now I can do and wear whatever No you have to work hard to not let he fat enter again
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Well Liz, you have no idea what you were talking about. I WAS exercising and I WAS working out. What I was trying to say it gain 5 lbs and it will come back in a totally different area. Also, unless you are in your 20's and not 40's that also factors in on your end results. I am below my starting weight, I wear a size 6 and I still have fat thighs. I don't think being a size 6 is large at all.
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