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I paid 7500 dollars for lipo of my saddle bags...

I paid 7500 dollars for lipo of my saddle bags thighs and stomach. I could hardly tell a difference in most places and could tell NO difference on my stomach. I complained every follow up and they replied that the swelling would take up to 3 months to go down. The only difference I and others can tell now is that the left side is much larger than the right side. He offered to do more work for 1000 dollars cheaper. Really? Shouldn't I get what I pay for the first time? This is the BIGGEST mistake I have ever made in my life. I even had to remind them to take the needle out of my arm.

Since this patient has breached the doctor/patient confidentiality, I can now give counter comments to her criticism.My mission in my practice is for the patient to receive satisfaction with the result, barring unrealistic expectations. Pygmechick received an outstanding result of her liposuction, even 30 days after her surgery. Muscle laxity added to her abdominal protrusion, thus my recommendation for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), not a repeat of her original liposuction! I offered this at a substantial reduction in fees to help counter her disappointment at the overall result, which was probably caused by the patient not understanding my explanation of probable results, and how pre-existing asymmetries affect the overall result. We all wish the patient success in finding a doctor who "can get it right".

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sorry you haven't gotten the results you were expecting!

How long has it been since you had the procedure carried out? Do you think you'll be having a revision or second opinion, from a different doctor?

I had the liposuctiion about two years ago. I recently had three treatments of Vaser Shape (the non-surgical ultrasound technique) from a different doctor. He immediately noticed the unevenness caused by my last procedure and focused on correcting it. The Vaser Shape had better results and tightened my skin, but since I had spent all of my savings on the lipo, I cannot yet afford to get the amount of treatments I need to get the results I was looking for to begin with.
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