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I am 31 yes old and I honestly can't remember what...

I am 31 yes old and I honestly can't remember what I look like with clear skin! My acne became worse after the birth of my daughter 11 years ago! I have spent $1000's of dollars in dermatologists and treatments, nothing seemed to truly work! I have tried everything, antibiotics, anti fungals, lasers, micro derm, dermabrasian, topical creams, acid peels, blue/red light therapy, steroids, several birth control pills!!! I have considered accutane for about 3 years now, and I have finally taken the plunge!! I just took my first dose of my 5 month regimen!! I am hopeful!!
Thanks for taking the time to share your journey with Accutane with us, I wanted to wish you good luck with your treatment. Are you taking progress photos? What type of acne do you have and is it mainly just your face?
Eva, Thank you! I am going to take weekly photos! And plan to post regularly. My acne started out being severe cystic acne over the course of 11 years I have mild cystic acne, it comes and goes, but always have several "pimples" on my face! I do have mild acne on my lower back and some across my shoulders!
Look forward to your photos, it helps the community so much to actually see the progress. I had cystic acne too, from around the age of 18 - mid 30's - so frustrating and painful. 

10 days into 5 month regimen!

so I'm a little over a week into 40mg/per day and wow!! My acne is visibly less! The drying started on day 2, but is manageable at this point! I have started experiencing nose bleeds but have been able to lessen them using vasoline! I am loving my results thus far!
Looking forward to your photos too! Can't wait for the update. . Did my 1st lab work Fri so I'm on my way to clear skin! :-)
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