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On Aug 3 2011, I had abdominalplasty done. The...

On Aug 3 2011, I had abdominalplasty done. The incision went from hip to hip, an from I between my breasts down to my pubic area. 9 pounds of skin was removed due to a 160 pounds weight loss. The end product looks great however, my abdomen burns every day, as if it was in a "crunch" position.

Please note that my six pack muscles were stitched together. My family dr has put me on neurontin and ultram which helps but it is annoying to wake up in the morning with burning pain. At times it hurts so bad that I break out into a sweat. I wonder if I had made a wrong decision or maybe if I would have told my doc not touch touch my abdomen muscles, I would be ok.

is that the DR that you used for the tummy tuck? Khaled? Im pretty sure that you shouldnt have any problems 1 year after the operation.
I get cramps in my stomach... specially in the morning when I wake up or if I am in a resting position for a long time and then I am active..usually last like 5 secs...I hope you get better....I just had it done june 11, 12.
Have you discussed the pain w/ your PS? What does he say? What you describe it completely unacceptable. The drugs you are taking are bad for your health long term. Hopefully you can find a solution to your pain ASAP. Have you discussed revision surgery w/ your PS?
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