Amazing Skin Resurfacing for 57 Yr Old Woman

I'm 57 years old and have not spent time in...

I'm 57 years old and have not spent time in the sun so I don't have sun damaged skin. But by the time you get to be 57, it's time for just a bit of refreshing.

I went to the same cosmetic surgeon who did my liposuction to have my face resurfaced. He uses the Affirm CO2 fractional laser and makes 2 passes per session with a lower intensity on the second pass. He recommends a series of 3 sessions.

I had my first session in mid December 2009 and just had my second one done in February 2010.

If you've never had it done, my recommendation is to definitely take a couple of pain pills before the procedure and know that you should be a social recluse for about 4 days.

My doctor applied a topic numbing agent which we left on for an hour before beginning the treatment, but it still hurt in sensitive areas like around the eyes and upper lip.

But is is definitely well worth it!!! (I'm attaching pictures so you can be the judge also)

I had people who had not seen me in a long time ask what I'd done to my face. Just this weekend someone thought I'd had a face lift.

There is no doubt that my face plumped up from the new collagen production.

Hope this helps someone. I'm happy to answer questions.


Hello. I'm curious if you noticed any grid-like marks left over? I had this resurfacing done about 23 days ago & I can still see the dot like grid on my face. I'm hoping that it'll go away. ???
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I'm confused with your post because it states 'Not worth it' but then you seem to love it in the text you wrote..
  • Reply my original review I forgot to mark it... my original review I forgot to mark it was "well worth it". I've just edited that. A simple oversight.


Wow, what a transformation. Some women should try this instead of mini-lifts. I can really tell a difference in your skin and it does look like a facelift. You mentioned it was uncomfortable, on a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate the pain at? I thank you for posting. Best, Chrystal Eckes
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yes, yes, yes!!!! I continue to protect my investment with facials at their office on occasion and may also do a glycholic peel. My skin is still beautiful.
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creekwatcher, are you still experiencing good results?
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South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is the most kind, gentle surgeon I know. There is no rushing through any procedure and his staff are also kind and caring.

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