GOOD RESULTS, but Still Some Acne Scars ;[

I was hoping after spending 2GRAND that ALL my...

I was hoping after spending 2GRAND that ALL my acne scars would be gone.. however i cant complain i guess because they were indeed DRAMATICALLY reduced and completely FLATTENED! before they were deep and VERY VISIBLE< now one must look closey to notice them.. i still see them, but they are really small.

Before, my skin looked tired, dull, with scars much deeper, and face much puffier... after one treatment my skin tone is Vibrant,bright, TIGHT, healtier looking, and the scars , even though still there, dramatically reduced and less visible.. ACNE SCAR PEOPLE: IT WONT COMPLETELY REMOVE THEM IN ONE TREATMENT SO BEWARE of what you are doing.! i am overall satisfied with it because it did make me look better.. just wish after 2000 it woulda gotten ridof all scne scars.. oh well.. it was still worth it~!

Hi Lawrence, Can you let me no how big your acne scars were, i have many pot holes, ice pick and purple scars on my cheeks and chin that are really noticable, i just dont no what to do. Every one has a different experience, its confusing :( Do you have before and after photo's? Thanks Kelly
things are good, I can't complain my face looks aweosme and the scars are so little u nafta look close to see them, and my skin tone and color is the bomb! It's tighter healthier and younger, even though I am 23 my skin was hella tired looking before, overall despite not all scars being removed it's soooiooo worth it, so many old friends from my past hve noticed my face and then I told them what I did they all gave me two thumbs up
Hi Lawrence, how are things now? Have there been further improvements. I read that the skin is going to improve for up to 6 months. Thanks Ellie

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