Good Results but the Pain Wasn't Worth the Money I Paid

Zoom will dramatically whiten your teeth, but be...

Zoom will dramatically whiten your teeth, but be prepared for the pain. I read these reviews about the "zingers" - well it feels more like biting down on aluminum foil or having small waves of electricity shock your teeth. It started to really hurt towards the end and was almost unbearable. My teeth however were 5 shades whiter.

I'm glad my teeth are whiter and that it's over with - but if you are sensitive or do not have a high tolerance to pain, think twice.

had a zoom done yesterday. I'm a 38 yr old male, and consider myself tolerant of pain. my teeth are nice and white. very pleased with the result. but I must say, the zinging pain is like nothing I've ever felt. uncontrollable sudden tooth pain that shocks the whole body. Holy cow man, that's some serious pain. Would I do it again? Probably, but I scared the wife and kids a few times with the sudden pain I felt. Hide in a closet with a bottle of scotch for 24 hrs after you do a zoom.
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