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I'm 45 and was getting that saggy look around my...

I'm 45 and was getting that saggy look around my mouth. Had juvederm about 3 1/2 weeks ago and so far it's been good. It plumped out the area and looks a lot better.

I was going to do my lips but glad I didn't fool with that just yet. Actually, it looks like just doing it around my mouth it's made my lips look better.

I will probably do this again. Had the botox done the same day and it did not turn out good and will not do botox again. Only had one small bruise from the juvederm that lasted about 5 days. The procedure wasn't too painful...they gave me numbing cream.


Yes I had my Nasolabial and the corners of my mouth and downward. I needed it in the corners the most...my nasolabial weren't that bad. It didn't make my face look puffy at all. I did have one bruise on the right corner of my mouth for about 5 days...but covered well with make-up. I would ask my doc or the person injecting you about the vein. Good luck if you get that area done.
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Ha ha...I know what you mean about that saggy look around your mouth:) At almost 38, I have that same problem. I had Juvederm injected in my laugh lines from the nose to mouth (Nasolabial)...LOVE IT!! Thinking of getting it in those little lines from the corner of my mouth downward (the place that makes me look saggy..I think they call these marionette lines?) Is that the same place you got yours injected? I really want to do it, but I don't want to make my face look to un-naturally puffy you know? And I also have a fairly large vein that runs down my left side....Any suggestions?? If that is the same place you got yours that is...thanks much!
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Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

He seemed precise with the injections. Has a good bedside manner.

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