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I'v always wanted a breast reduction because my...

I'v always wanted a breast reduction because my boobs are sooo big for my size. Every since i was in high school people have made comments and i hated them. I'm scheduled for my pre opt WED and he wants to do the t surgery,which means lots of scares. He said with the other one he wouldnt be able to even get me a d, i'm a 38ddd now and dont wont to see a d at all!! Just dont know what to do!!


Scars fade over time doll. If you are really uncomfortable with your large breast then I'd say the benefits out weigh the risk. Ask to see photos of his work. That might help you in deciding the right PS. I saw 5 before I picked the perfect fit for me.
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What two methods is he offering to do??   The first thing you need to decide is what you want for a final result.  Really communicate that with your doctor!   If you are wanting to be less that a D now is the time to talk about this.  The scars are really not that bad and are concealed under the breast.  You would have one vertical scar but with proper care that will fade.  

Have you gone for more than one consult?  


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