Revision Rhinoplasty for Broken Nose

Day 2 Minor bruising coming through. This is my...

Day 2
Minor bruising coming through. This is my second rhinoplasty to straighten my previously broken nose. I had my first one May 2012 by the same surgeon. I had to pay anesthesia and operating room fees again. Hopefully this is the last one! Hardly any pain today. The only think that hurts it my breast augmentation as I had that done at the same time.

How are you doing since your rhinoplasty? We'd love an update on your progress!

My friend recently broke her nose (about 2 months ago) and it still looks really bad. She fell into a wooden countertop and it broke at the very top of her nose, right between her eyes. I could almost see the bone sticking out of the skin on one side. She has no insurance though, and she has always been told that there is nothing that can be done for a broken nose. Can you tell me if your nose was broken near the top, between the eyes, and how long between the break and your first surgery? I keep telling my friend that she needs to get something done NOW rather than letting her nose and the bone heal like it is now. Many thanks for your contribution to this page. Every bit of advice/information is helpful!!

Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. Have you noticed recovery being different for this surgery as opposed to the last one? What did your surgeon do differently this time?

We'd glad you to have you here. Looking forward to following your healing and seeing your pics as you progress!

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