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I have fairly long lashes but I wish they were...

I have fairly long lashes but I wish they were darker. Mascara is the only makeup I really wear and I think it makes a huge difference in my appearance. I'm a really active person so I have a hard time wearing mascara every day because I end up sweating and it gets all over the place, regardless of whether or not it is waterproof. I've had my eyelashes dyed before but it is almost too subtle, so I figured if Latisse will thicken them up a bit and darken them then maybe I can get away with not wearing mascara. I have my doubts, but I wanted to at least give it a try. I bought the Latisse at a plastic surgeon's office in their medi-spa. It comes in a huge box, which in reality is just a bunch of sterile and disposable brushes. The actual product is in a tiny eye-drop container. I made fun of how wasteful this was and the woman at the counter agreed and told me I was better off to buy an eyeliner brush and to wash it everyday. She also said it would make the product last longer. I totally agree, and if you read a lot of the Latisse reviews on here it sounds like a lot of people are doing this and getting much more for their money. I have light blue/grey eyes so I was of course concerned with my eyes changing color, but she told me she had never heard of it happening (I had to smile because I have heard lots of people say they've experienced this, here on RealSelf). She basically said if you are careful not to use too much product it wont get in your actual eyes. First application: I got a small brush and gave it a try. The directions say to use one drop per eye but I found that to be way too much, I can use one drop total and it is plenty to saturate the lash area for both eyes. I've been using it for three days and have not experienced any reactions or changes. No itchiness or redness yet. I will continue to update this review as time goes on, let's see if it works!

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Don't put it on early!

Last night I thought I'd get ready for bed early, so I applied the Latisse at that time. Then I stayed awake and worked for a while. I kept rubbing my eyes, then remembering I had the Latisse on would panic a little. Also I tried putting it on my lower lashes, which is not recommended. I felt like it got in my eyes, even though I didn't add any more product to the brush, just basically wiped the already wet brush on my lash line. Then today I looked at the Doctor Q&A about it and they pretty much all agree that you will get it in your eyes if you apply it to your lower lash line. Hoping one time doesn't mess with my eye color. Learn from my mistakes and skip these two rookie ideas I had last night!

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No changes so far

I haven't been great about putting it on every night. I did buy an E.L.F. angled eyeliner brush at Target and it is really great for putting the product on. I also tried putting it on my lower lashes again (with the new brush) and it seemed fine so I might keep doing that. The skin around my eyelashes seems a little more sensitive, but nothing alarming. I'll keep you posted!


I have a friend who used this product and she loves the results.  Her lashes are very long and thick now.  She did notice a slight color change with her eyes but loves the results.

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I've always been curious about Latisse. How long does it typically take to get results? If your lashes become noticeably darker and thicker in time, what happens when you stop using it? Will they fall out? Good luck!

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Awesome review so far! If your eye color changes, it's just temporary, right?

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I can't tell

Alright I use the Latisse most nights, but not every night. I haven't noticed any eye color change or skin darkening. I feel like my eyelashes are longer. They hit my glasses more than usual. As far as thickening I can't really tell. I tried to take a picture but it was grainy. When I wear mascara I feel like my lashes look super long! But with no mascara, I can't tell.

The other night I got a bunch of it in my eye, the drop on the brush just sort of bled into my eye as I was applying it. I totally flipped out and flushed my eye, fortunately I don't think it had any effect.

So not much to report, hoping for some noticeable results soon.


It takes a couple months.  Once you stop using it the results will go away after a couple months too.  I don't think I'll keep using it if the results aren't that great, it is sort of expensive for meh results :)

Nope it is permanent!  Yikes!

No noticeable difference...

I really can't tell I've been using Latisse at all! I keep reminding myself to be patient and that it can take 10 weeks to see any results. I'm going to keep pushing along but it is hard to stay motivated when you aren't seeing anything happen (other than the money already spent!). I've attached a photo, can you see a difference because I can't. I do think my eyelashes are slightly longer. I am so not patient enough for this!

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I'm not sold on Latisse

I admit I do not use it every night, but I don't feel like I see a significant difference. I'm going to try and be better about using it every.single.night.... and see what happens. I wish Allergan would put the product in more of a liquid eyeliner type bottle instead of an eyedropper. It would be so much easier to apply (yes, I'm that lazy).


Unused Lumigan 0.3 for six weeks. I applied the tiniest drop into the lid and then dipped an eyeliner brush into it. I applied it to the lash line only. I applied it only 2-3 times a week. I was scared of the side effect so at around the 7 week mark I stopped using it and threw it out thinking I did not need the stress of the possibility of eye colour change and was only planning on using it a couple of months anyway to phase out my eyelash extensions and not have them look so bad About a week after stopping it, I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and went sh#t ... Omg my eyes have changed colour. They were a blue green colour quite light and bright isa, hints of aqua. They are now quite a dark green, grey colour with no real sign of the blue. I had researched extensively and was confident that If I was only using iit a couple of months and applying a tiny bit to the lash line only that it would be impossible to change colour. I really don't know how it travelled into the eye. I'm shocked that in such a short amount of time it darkened my eyes to a not so pretty colour. I'm quite devastated. I would really recommend do not try it. I thought at worst I may get the skin redness or darkening reaction on the lid, never did I think colour Change. I did get a little eyelid redness near the line though. I'm not sure how to upload a pic b
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Good review although im sorry to hear that you didnt get results. It is kind of expensive so you would assume it would always work. I only know a few friends that use it but it always worked. The applicator thing is totally true - the company I got Latisse from in the UK give you hundreds of disposable applicators with a tiny head - much better!
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I don't think I'm being consistent enough with putting it on.  I'm tempted to try putting it on in the morning, and then put on mascara (so I won't touch my eyes).  That is nice that they give you better applicators in the UK!  I've been happy with the little eyeliner brush, I just clean it with soapy water and then wash my hands really well.  No hair has sprouted from my fingers so I guess it is fine :)

Mascara makes the difference

I can tell my lashes are longer, but only when I wear mascara. They don't seem thicker, although I've noticed a couple lashes growing in odd directions since starting the Latisse so I'm wondering if those are mutant lumigan lashes.

When I look at all my review pictures I feel like my lashes are both longer and thicker. But in person I can't tell.

I went on vacation and brought the Latisse, proceeded to not use it once, and then it exploded on our flight home so I've run out. At first I decided I'd just not buy anymore and be done with it, but of course now that I don't have it I notice how long my lashes are with mascara on... So I'm thinking about picking up another bottle. The grass is seriously always greener on the other side. So right now I'm just keeping an eye out for holiday specials at all my local aesthetic doctor offices and medi-spas because I don't feel like spending another $99 for just okay results.


Thx. I had considered buying this but was skeptical. Especially because of the price.
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Glad my review helped!  It seems to work great for some people, but yeah...for me not so much.  Mascara seems to work way better and is a lot cheaper.
Hi Jill, I just wrote and uploaded my review and included my before and after pics. I
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Months after not using Latisse I can tell it really did work

Oh the grass is always greener.  So I stopped using Latisse last December- now it is July and I can tell that it did indeed work, although the results were subtle.  So now I've been toying with the idea of using it again and also dying my eyelashes for maximum effect.  I inquired at a couple local places that were having Latisse promotions but I thought their prices were kind of high (aka their promotions were lame).  I'm getting Botox in a couple weeks at the medical office that I got my original Latisse so we shall see if I get more and try again.  As I'm getting older, I've just accepted that I need to invest a little more in my appearance than I use to.- anything to distract from the fine lines and meh skin tone!


Jill, you should consider eyelash tinting. But only go to someone reputable/high end (spa or salon, not a cheap manicure place), as they use non-toxic vegetable dye.
I actually just started doing that (I did it myself though- found a safe product on Amazon).  I really like the results, which are subtle but nice.  
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