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I had botox injected into my glabella/frown lines...

I had botox injected into my glabella/frown lines when I was 27 and loved the results. I had a really deep and permanent brow furrow and always looked mad (b*tchy resting face to the max). The results lasted over a year- but in reality I think the muscles just atrophied and learned not to be so pissy all the time.

Fast forward 6 years and I'm now 33 and not super happy about the forehead lines that are digging their way deeper and deeper. I opted to go back to the botox for some proactive treatment/deep line prevention.

After discussing my issues and goals with the nurse injector Polly, she surprised the heck out of me and said I only needed 20 units to start with (I was anticipating 30-40). She answered all my questions and at her recommendation we did 20 units in the glabella and around the forehead and temples, and then I'll go back in two weeks to possibly add 8 more units to create a slight brow lift. I appreciated her philosophy of being conservative and "topping off" later. The actual procedure was really fast and painless- no numbing cream or ice or anything.

I'll go back in a couple weeks for the potential top off.  I'd budgeted $350 for this botox experience so I'm also getting some microdermabrasion and a chemical peel to help with my melasma and general skin issues (oh aging.... so great).

Everyone was very friendly and fun, I enjoyed my visit and felt at home the whole time. I'll do daily mad face pics to show the freezing process and see how long it takes. Any questions please let me know!

24 hours

No big change, but there is a small difference.  My forehead feels a little heavy and numb but it is super subtle.  I haven't experienced any dizziness or other common side effects that I've seen other people report.  All is good in the hood!

48 hours

More changes- the middle of my forehead isn't moving too much anymore and looks really smooth.  When I do the surprised face the outer edges of my forehead move and wrinkle.  I'm hoping those outer wrinkles smooth out more over the next couple days.  My mad face is less pronounced but I can still move.

Still no side effects, which is awesome.  I don't recall experiencing any the last time either.  I feel a little guilty that I'm having such good results because I really feel for all the RealSelf users who have negative experiences.  

If I think about it, my forehead almost feels a little numb- like when you go to the dentist and they apply that topical novocain (that tastes like a chemical pineapple) to your gums right before they give you the big numbing injection- sort of numb but not really.  It doesn't bother me but I find it interesting.

72 hours

I can barely make a surprised face anymore, but I can still furrow my brow a bit.  If this is the final result I'm cool with it because I can still move my face and don't look totally frozen but the wrinkles are smoothing out.

Looking good!

I missed a day with the pics but here are today's.  If I try really hard to scrunch my face I can get it to move a bit still, but if I just try to make a normal facial expression my face barely moves.  I love this- I like that my face can move a little but not enough to make a crease in my lovely smooth skinned forehead.

If I really try to do the surprised face my outer eyebrows lift up and look hilariously weird.  I'm not sure if that will go away after I get the top off in a couple weeks.  In the meantime I need to remember to not try it in public.

Bye wrinkles!

So I cancelled my topping off appointment because I'm happy with how everything looks, so I figure I'll just wait until this round wears off and then reassess then.  I also cancelled my microdermabrasion and chemical peel, but only because I found out I had 4 actinic keratosis (aka pre-cancer) lesions on my face that needed to be removed/frozen off and that was more pressing to me.  I'm hoping to reschedule the micro/peel in a few weeks once everything is healed well enough to handle it!  I also had a biopsy on my arm but I'm guessing it isn't anything serious, it was just more of a let's see what the heck this is situation.

I also got some retin-A to primarily help with getting the skin cancer lesions (and bonus that it will help with all the other facial dramas like wrinkles, blackheads, cell turnover, and so on).  Looking forward to continuing my newfound attempts at holding onto youthful skin.

If you have fair skin, it is worth checking out actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.  I've always been so focused on the dreaded melanoma and checking moles that I never realized I should be looking for rough, gritty patches of skin.  They are far less dangerous than melanoma, but worth knowing about.  

As far as the botox, my wrinkles are gone-zo.  The lines that use to stay on my face even while at rest are gone gone gone.  I'm in love.  Now we'll just have to see how long it lasts!  I'm wondering if because I only had 20 units- will it not last as long as when I had the 28 units?  We shall see.....

6 week update (video)

6 week update

video update!


Polly is a nurse injector and was great. She was very thorough and answered all my questions. The entire process was fast and painless.

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Has anyone tried Nerium? Curious if it really works. I am too afraid of needles and injections.
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I've tried it but honestly no topical cream is going to do what botox does.
  • Reply the results. Smart girl for not doing ur outter eyebrows,because that totally looks fake, overdone and just not natural. Don't let anyone convince u to do that :) Its nice to see u still have some movement, which is excellent.... Btw your eye color is just amazing :)
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Thanks, Shawn.  Yeah I'm glad I didn't do the brow lift- not sure I could handle having less facial movement.  
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Hi Jill! thanks for sharing. I just got botox last friday and I notice wings on my eyes too when I life them and also when i lift my eyes my lids are now uneven. so part of my lids is up and part is down. Does that make sense? lol. Anyway, did you have this a week after you received your botox and how long did it take to go away? I had about 40 units of botox in my forehead. Thanks! Dena
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Hey Dena!  I don't think I had that, or if I did I never noticed.  Is it still happening?
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Great video! Your forehead looks great. I'm surprised it's so smooth after 6 weeks. I guess your creases weren't deep?
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It was smooth and wrinkle free days after the botox kicked in- even though before the botox the wrinkles seemed to have a permanent crease even when at rest.  This is why I'm now a proponent of starting botox young- don't give those wrinkles a chance to settle.  :)
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The video was a great idea Jill! Debunks a lot of myths that all botox will leave you expressionless! You have great results, very similar to the movement I have! :)
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Awesome- glad you liked it!  Yeah no one believes me when I say I get botox because I can move my face fairly normally.  Just without wrinkles- ha ha!
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Too cute!! You don't need a brow lift,that would look crazy! I hear you about melasma,i am going ot do derma sweep in october once the sun goes I will be doing a patch test. Have you tried it? Your face is wrinkle free,creaseless and looks flawless :)
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No I've never tried it- what is it exactly?
Thanks for the compliment- it is not so perfect up close but looks good on an iPhone!  Ha ha.  But I'm pretty good about avoiding the sun and wearing hats in the summer.  
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I never tried it either &i am always willing to try something once,sometimes. lol. It is less invasive than dermabrasion. The bristle is finer and no crystals. I hope it works,i have brown patches on both cheeks,gotta love BC,NOT! I was on Birth control for 20 years and stopped at 35 but damage was already done. Now that i am 43,i will try it :). Your skin really does look great and no Wrinkles,gotta love Botox and Restylane :) Well,i do. Except that every time i get restylane it can be painful and swelling sucks and i get sick,like a cold or flu but those are the side effects.
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So it is stronger than microdermabrasion but less intense than dermabrasion?  Sounds awesome.  I love medi-beauty- ha ha.  You don't look 43 at all girl.
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Yes less abrasive. Thanks Chica :) Yesterday at my post-op the new coordinator thought i was here age 35!!! YAY!
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Jill no video uploaded ;(
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yeah it is processing- should be up in a couple hours.  I had to start over because it was taking so long to upload.  
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Hi Jill, I just wanted to say you look great! Also, to Peanut, I have mild melasma on my forehead (lucky us!!) and mine has never gotten worse with Botox either! I'm not a doctor, but everything i have read suggests it is due to hormonal changes and is aggravated but sunlight! Xx
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Just saw this- sorry I missed it and didn't write back sooner.  Thanks!
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oh and wanted to say glad they found those spots and took care of them…scary! Also, I love that you were able to do botox with melasma…that has scared me to consider doing because some say trauma to the face can cause melasma and I would freak if I did botox and it made more patches of this crap!
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Well if it makes you feel better- my melasma is on my forehead which is exactly the area I had botox injected and there was no change in the melasma whatsoever.  
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That makes me feel better for sure! Do you have any spots or lines of it above your eyebrows at all? My spots on my forehead are like three rectangle would think with everything we can cure and fix in this world that melasma would be an easy one lol
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Yes, I have spots above my outer eyebrows and one larger spot on the top of my forehead- you can see it all in the third picture of my review- it is light but they are all there.  They get darker really easily but I've been pretty good this summer about sun protection.  
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