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Save Your Money for a Facelift - Gold Coast, QLD Australia

The thread lift never really gave me any lift. I...

The thread lift never really gave me any lift. I had minor jowling only and a revision was done which didnt work either. Please do not waste your money on this product. You would be much better served to get a facelift. I am booked in for a short scar face-lift on the 12 April and I am sure I will get good results.

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I was looking at the Thread Lift but have now read the reviews and I have to say put off by it. Atomica8 you say you are booked in for a short scar face-life may I ask what that entails please and going by the date of your comment how has this operation gone for you.
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I agree with you, the thread lift is a joke and is very expensive, I paid 10 grand and my face did not improve. I was left with tingling on my right side which is still bothering me after 5 years.
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Hi atomica,

Thanks for sharing your thread lift experience. Sorry it didn't work out for you. :( Do you have to have the threads removed before you get your short-scar facelift?

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