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The thread lift never really gave me any lift. I...

The thread lift never really gave me any lift. I had minor jowling only and a revision was done which didnt work either. Please do not waste your money on this product. You would be much better served to get a facelift. I am booked in for a short scar face-lift on the 12 April and I am sure I will get good results.


I'm so glad I read all this before going ahead with thread lift.
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You need to go to Dr Wong. He is at Brendale north Brisbane . Absolutely magnificent. A master, his done well over 100,000 hours of face lifts botox and boob jobs... And he is absolutely magnificent. He won't mess you around, what he says is spot on, if he says don't do it then don't. He did my lipo a week ago on the Thursday, I can not believe it, I went grocery shopping on The Saturday, minimal pain and bruising the size of a $5 note. Also he has a lady doctor there that specialises in Botox n filler , she's an actual doctor. Holly Molly she is good . She blew me away. She changed my life, my face looks do much better. All others were putting fillers in the wrong place, she drew lines on My face and took the time to explain. You have to go to experience it.
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I was looking at the Thread Lift but have now read the reviews and I have to say put off by it. Atomica8 you say you are booked in for a short scar face-life may I ask what that entails please and going by the date of your comment how has this operation gone for you.
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