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Please Help - Gold Coast, Australia

Hello :) I'm a girl from Australia and I am on...

Hello :) I'm a girl from Australia and I am on tray 3 of ... Not invisalign but it calls clear guide smile or clear guide express. I'm very worry about my result because I never heard or have seen any reviews about this brand.

The thing that wonder me the most is my ortho said its a new one which doesn't require attachments on the procedure !!! Very weird huh! Does anyone know about it, pls help answer me :) because i dont want to waste my time if this brand doesnt exist anywhere or my ortho tried to rip me off by getting those cheap stuff from oversea and charge me extra for that. thank you

I posted the question below in our Q&A section so we can hear the opinions of the dentists who volunteer on RealSelf. It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to start posting, so feel free to check back later for information:

Has Anyone Heard of the Invisalign Alternative Called Clear Guide Smile or Clear Guide Express?

Also, I noticed that a New York dentist was listed as your care provider. Is that correct, or is that something we need to correct in the system?

New York Orthodontist

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