Glycolic Acid Peel

I bought 70% unbuffered glycolic acid off of...

I bought 70% unbuffered glycolic acid off of amazon. You use this AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I was using 10% lotion from a trusted beauty brand on my face at night. I read it encourages collagen production and reduces wrinkles. Well why not stretch marks?

Abdominal skin is no where near as sensitive as facial skin. I applied it full strength for 6 minutes. It was pretty hot, I had to keep my blow dryer on cool. It caused part of my belly button to burn, otherwise no problem, no scaring. I have used it twice on my face diluted with water about 50/50. I keep it on for 3 minutes and wash it off. My face is silky soft, tight, small pores, no peeling, minimal redness lasts only that day. I immediately apply cetaphil lotion afterwards. I do not put it near my eyes where "crows feet" would be, that area can't even handle the 10% lotion.

I am 24 so I cannot comment on it's "anti wrinkle" abilities, and it is too soon to see a difference in my abdomen. You need to be really careful and as educated as possible when doing these at home.


what is the difference in unbuffed or buffed peel.I have been using buffered please get back to me thank you, Lorraine
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DO ANY OF THESE HOME REMEDIES WORK FOR ACNE?Toothpaste is an acne home remedy used to recude a swollen pimple. Apply toothpaste on pimple and leave over night. Use paste, not the gel type.Make an egg white mask. Egg whites will remove acne, and give you a beautiful look to your face. Egg whites tighten the face, and skin pores. Take an egg, crack it open. In a small dish, poor the egg white(no yolk at all). Then take a few drops of lemon juice and add it to the egg white. Then buy some vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is very healthy for the skin. It protects the skin, heals the skin naturally. Vitamin E oil will remove acne scars even. Apply a few drops to the egg white, and mix well. Then get a cotton ball, and apply it all over your face. In about 10-15 minutes, you should feel your face really tightening. Then wash with warm water.- Using baking soda works. Baking soda will help get rid of acne. Baking soda is quite successful at removing difficult stains and typically used for house cleaning. It also can remove pimples, and possibly even acne scars. Baking soda is safe to use. The thing is, baking soda won't prevent acne, it will just get rid of it. Long-term effects of using baking soda won't prevent it, but it will get rid of acne. Make a paste, by applying water or lemon juice. Lemon juice is good for the skin.You might want to use that instead. Apply to your face, then leave it there for a minute or two. Then rinse and dry your face.Use Honey. Honey contains a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the skin. Honey is a natural anti-aging effect and promotes healthy skin. Honey is anti-bacteria and has a Good source of minerals. Honey can heal cuts, wounds to the skin. It's a natural skin healer. Use honey, lemon juice, and little bit of vitamin E oil. Mix it together, and apply on your entire face. You'll want to make mask. Leave it there for about 10 minutes, then wash with warm water. Do this every day. You'll notice that honey gives the skin a beautiful complexion as well.

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This comment is extremely unecessary These "remedies" are too consuming. You don't need a recipe to get rid of acne. Glycolic acid DOES get rid of acne. Nothing works better than benzoyl peroxide at getting rid of acne, and there are other things that make a great compliment, like glycolic acid, or vit A aka retinol. Vitamin E does little for acne or anti aging. Pure VIT C is GREAT for anti aging, it promotes collagen, but does little to nothing for acne, but it does give you radiant skin.

No change in stretch marks

This did absolutely nothing for stretch marks. This is a very strong peel, and I did manage to burn my face with it, my skin was flaking and it was embarrassing having to be in public. I now use a much smaller dose and apply a thick oil over my face afterwards. I’m currently using emu oil.
(My intended purpose of use is for acne not aging)

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